Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Rambling at Year's End

Stuck in the between when the holiday is over and the new year hasn't begun, when I have no idea what day it is. (Worse than usual.)  The lost final week of a lost year.

At some point today, I have shopping to do.  They're predicting craptastic weather starting tomorrow, so the big decision is whether to go south and get groceries today and go north for cigarettes tomorrow, OR do both today.  Cigs are a half hour north.  Groceries are a half hour south.  Doing both today would put me on the road for 2 hours today.  Not that I haven't done that in the past.  Yo, former road-warrior here.  But it has been a while since I did hauls like that and these days, if I have to drive a lot, I'm a toad for the rest of the day.  By the time you see this to comment on it, the choice will have been made.  

At some point this week, I have to finish the spreadsheets.  Oh, I finished the ones for the pay-job yesterday - all twelve monthly ones, and three others input to throughout the year.  I also got some smaller personal sheets done - books acquired, the weight/activity log, the one where I keep track of my marketing.  I have the big Sales Totals spreadsheet and the Books Sales Data sheet that feeds it left to do there.  And I have to update the one where I keep all income and outgo for the writing biz.  That one makes me have a sad, but ignoring it doesn't make it go away.  Ignoring it would be like sticking my fingers in my ears and humming to avoid having to hear bad news.  It is what it is.

I also have to do my yearly wrap-up blog posts.  

And I should probably start thinking about taxes.  Blerg.

I have three books left to read by the end of the year to meet my updated goal of 90 books.  The one I'm reading now, though, is longer than I thought it would be, so I might not hit 90.  We'll see.

Eh, it's time to call the office.  I'll catch you all later.  What are you up to this week?  Getting ready for 2021 or trying to hide from it?


  1. I'm just putting one foot in front of the other and trying to decide if I should remain a lumpen or actually try to achieve something this week. I hadn't planned on writing but the prompt for tomorrow's #1lineWed inspired a first line. It might become a book--or part of a book. So I might write today. I do need to hit Wallyworld at some point. I want to do au jus beef sandwiches for New Year's. Unless I find a pretty brisket. Probably the au jus. Rump roast, Lipton's Onion Soup mix and beef broth in the crock pot with sub rolls and provolone cheese. Good stuffs and easy-peasy.

    I upped GR to 205, as you know. I'll finish 204 today, with two more books in this series, which means I'll likely go 1 over. Which is fine.

    Gotta get out for pizza tonight. And a Starbucks run. Damp, cool, sorta rainy, with possibility of a light snow in the next few days. Brrr.

    I think we deserve this week to do whatever we want, especially after this year. I'm trying to remain optimistic about 2021 but I fear my motto for the year is: Be careful what you wish for.

    Whichever direction(s) you went, hope it was a safe trip. Later, tater.

  2. Yikes! You just reminded me I haven't done my year-end spreadsheets yet. Oh well, I have a couple of days yet. (rolls eyes)

    I hope you got there and back again safely!