Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Cranky Day Means Pretty Picture

 I crawled out from under the wrong side of the rock this morning, so here's a pretty picture...

The first rays of morning sun through the snowy trees yesterday.

Update: One of my woes has been taken care of.  Yesterday, I forgot my cell phone was in the pocket of my sweat pants and I washed my sweat pants.  Didn't notice the phone was in there until we heard it thumping around in the dryer.  Hubs rescued it but it was total toast.  So I threw it in a bag of rice.  That wasn't doing anything, so I removed the battery and put all the components back in the rice.  This morning, it's alive again.  The display looks kinda funky, but it's legible.  And the main huzzah is that I got in enough to copy down the damn serial number so I can transfer my stuff to a new phone if need be.  Now if I can only 1) get enough sleep (or enough coffee to compensate) and 2) get constipated kitty to poop this morning, I might just make it through.

Update #2... LOL, literally.  Crass, I know, but it's amazing how happy we are when the cat poops.


  1. Poor Kira! And yes, it's the little things. Sorry about your phone. Amazing that it went through the wash AND the dryer and you still managed to salvage it. I'd suggest in addition to the serial number, that you write down all of your contacts and numbers. You might have to "reinstall" them manually, considering the age of your phone, should the need ever arise for a new one...

    Coffee cures almost everything. I'm headed for my 3rd cup while waiting for the next round of snow to hit. Hope your day continues to brighten!

  2. Hugs to Kira! Hugs about your phone disaster! (Oops, now you know my priorities.)

    Wishing you lots of coffee and a nap this afternoon. :-)