Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 31

It's morning.  Hubs got up at 5 and I was going to roll over to snatch some more Zzzs.  Then I heard thunder.  Then I remembered I'd moved my big tomato plants out to the middle of the deck.  Sat up, pulled on a pair of shorts and out I went.  Good thing, too, because about 5 minutes afterward, the sky opened up and it splooshed hard.

It took me about an hour to remember it was Sunday.  So here I am...

In writing news, I'm making slow progress on my edit notes.  I think I'm up to 14% of the book and about 11 pages worth of notes.  Hubs joked that I'm going to need another notebook soon.  I got it covered, man.  

The marketing of my sale for the Dennis Haggarty books was a bust.  I did sell two books, though.  Got me a buck twenty-nine.  Woohoo.  Hey, that's more than I made in the month of May. My recent Amazon deposit was $1.17.  Someday, I hope to be able to afford a cup of gas station coffee.

No reading last week.  It's a slump.  :shrug:

I made chocolate chip cookies last week, except by the time I was ready to start throwing batches into the oven, I was too hot to go through that whole process.  So I smushed all the dough into a 9x13 and made bar cookies.  They're awesome.

I was only active one day last week.  Gah, I was such a toad.  At least the weight is holding steady at 183.8.

The Olympics has been a thing here.  I turn them on around 8am and they're on all day for the most part.  Unless every channel is showing something boring - like basketball and volleyball.  (I'm so over volleyball now.)  

When I'm not editing or focused on the TV, I've taken to doing crossword puzzles.  I found an old book of them in my stuff when I cleaned and now I'm working through it.  They're semi-easy and I cheat, so not really brain-taxing.  

It's been super hit here.  Like 97 with a heat index of 105 hot.  Needless to say, I'm blaming the heat for my lack of gumption.  Hey, I'm still tending my plants - ungrateful wretches that they are.  This thunderstorm is supposed to bring a slight cool down.  Maybe that'll make my plants happy.  It'll certainly improve my attitude.  Well, maybe.

Nothing else of note to talk about here today.  What's up with you?


  1. About the same here. Listening to the heavy splooshing going on outside. The lights were out on Nessie this morning. Too splooshy to go check why now it's more light outside. It's on a dusk-to-dawn timer so who knows.

    When it gets superhot I go into lumpen mode too.

    A little writing. Had one spectacular day and then bust. Got lots of pictures though. LOL

    Reading slump for a few days after finishing a book I loved. That happens sometimes. The was period when I got lots of words. Hrmmm. I wonder if there is a correlation there?

    Dug out an old series I hadn't listened to in several years. Enjoying it now and on book 2.

    Not much else going on. Cleaning stalled out due to LG's surgery. Maybe I'll get back on that when the words won't come. That gives me a "productive" excuse to listen to a book.

    Time for more coffee. Stormy is coming for 3 days this week. Fun times. Stay dry and abide, dudette! Later, tater.

  2. Your thunder finally got here, but no rain yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get 1/2" or so.

    Hey, for a rough draft that you *knew* needed work, you're buzzing along just fine. :-)

    I'm deep in lumpen mode, too. Hard to find any go-juice.

    I'm going to the dentist in the morning. I suspect he'll want to pull two more teeth. Oh, the joys of getting old. Not!

    The closest to cooking I've gotten is eating the chocolate chips, neat. Does that count?

    I did a fair amount of work, given the heat, so progress moves on.