Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sunday Update - Week Somethin' or Other

I don't have a boatload of time, since I have to be back to work at 7.  

No writing, editing, reading, baking, etc.  I spent a lot of time over at my friend's house packing, power-washing, and painting.  More of that today and next week.  I have tomorrow off so I can do stuff for my own house.  

I spent 9 hours yesterday devoted to either painting the outside of a garage or to taking a break from such.  I'm tired, but there are two more walls to paint.  I'll get 'er done and fall apart tomorrow.

Anyway, sorry I've been boring this week.  How did your week go?

(Since I'm busy away from the computer, comments will be approved at the end of the day.)


  1. Well...I started the week at the butt-crack of dawn at VA (Monday) and ended it with the vampires (blook donation center) yesterday. Sundays don't count. They aren't official parts of my week because no one can decided if the week starts on Sunday or ends on it. Therefore, Sunday is neutral.

    I got a few scenes written and/or expanded. Writing is a chore. The world is crazy and no matter how hard I try, it seeps past my defenses and harshes my world.

    The two teams I was rooting for in the Little League World Series both got defeated in the semifinals. Ah well.

    I have a couple of books left in my marathon read of the UF series. Okay. I think there are actually 3 left. Or two after the one I just started, and one of those is technically a spinoff but those characters play a big part in the final book. Oh! And then there's another first book that's a spinoff in the new series set in the same world. So, technically, there's 4. Anyway. They are bloody and violent with lots of headbanging due to the stupidity of those in charge. Which totally fits my own blood-thirsty mood at the moment.

    In this headspace, I should be working on the final "chapter" in my dystopian trilogy but I don't know what's supposed to happen, who the characters are, and I'm afraid if I write (and then publish) what I'm thinking, the SS will be at my door asking uncomfortable questions.

    Anyway. There was a week. Stuff happened. Not much in my personal space but at least nothing personally bad. Wish I could say the same for the world.

    So, on an upbeat note, I have coffee. I have a book. I'm going to make cinnamon toast out of leftover yeast rolls for breakfast. I shall go to Starbucks later because the "local" Black Rifle Coffee Shop is 15 miles away in a suburb on the far south side while we're on the far west side. I do wish one was closer. I'd totally get my icy coffee fix there rather than Starbucks, despite the bonus stars and nice people. Anyway...
    Which is my word for the day, evidently.

    Don't overwork in this heat. You are a true friend and it sounds like y'all have made HUGE progress!!! Many hugs... 🤗🤗🤗

  2. Wow, you've been busy! Now I really feel like a slug. But at my age I feel entitled to a little sluggy-ness. ;-)

    I got a reasonable amount of work done on the book. And I accidentally terrorized a couple of geckos. One was hanging out with Churchill until I walked by. The other was hitchhiking around on the underside of the brim of my sun hat, about four inches from my nose. Both of us were MUCH happier after I deposited him outside!