Friday, August 27, 2021

Motoring Through

I spent from 8:30am to 4pm yesterday out of pocket.  No TV on.  No radio playing.  Just working on packing, and stopping now and then to smoke and chat.  We made good progress.  Long about lunchtime, we piled the first load of stuff into the car, filling the trunk and the backseat, and took it to the thrift store.  Then we went to a little mom-n-pop pizza joint and had a supreme.  It was hotter than blue-billy-blazes, but it was fun.

Then I came home to the news of what had happened in Afghanistan.  WTF?  I was disgusted and angry... I am disgusted and angry.  But I'm also unsurprised.  They have no fear of retaliation, so why not?  We currently have a cabbage in the White House.  Terrorists are laughing at him and at us.  I expect many more such acts before this is over.  If it's ever over.

Today, they've extended the heat advisory through tonight.  After so many days of heat advisory, I'm like meh.  It is what it is and we'll motor through it.  This morning, friend and I will be power-washing their garage so Hubs can paint tomorrow morning.  The heat will bake it dry by then.  After power-washing, we'll go back to packing.  

And not paying attention to world events we have no control over.  

Do the best you can to motor through all of this.  Focus on other stuff.  I mean, keep one eye open to what's going on, but don't let it stop you from living your life as best you can.  For me, that means helping a friend pack and pretty-up their home for its new owners.  Even if it's super hot out.  

What are you up to these days?

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  1. Yeah. Yesterday totally sucked and I'm feeling the same as you. I made the mistake of catching our idiot-in-chief's statement. I gagged as I watched his nose grow another few inches. heart breaks for the those "newly-minted" Gold Star families. It should never have happened! (I won't get started on the bass-ackwards way this whole fiasco has been conducted from a military standpoint.)

    Moving on. LG is feeling much better since the second procedure on Monday. Bad news is, he's been called for jury duty starting Monday. Depending on the chief judge, they may keep him since he's retired and gave up his "bar card." Here, attorneys are automatically excused from jury duty.

    I got some new words. Not many but some. I'm going to murder a bad guy today. I may murder two. Fiction, DHS. FICTION! I write thrillers in various genres! (Why yes, I am slightly paranoid, why do you ask?)

    It's hot. It's humid. I just want to sit and do nothing.

    Jake needs a bath. Imma gonna get right on that. Later.

    I hear another cup of coffee calling my name.

    Can you tell this was a week of "not much"?

    Here's to a better weekend for us all!