Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 34

 It's been a week of hurry-up and wait.  And I'm still waiting.  Basically, I didn't get much of anything important done.  No writing.  No editing.  No reading.  No baking.  Let's see what I did do.

I did some marketing for the freebie of WIOH.  The free thing moved 57 copies.  And someone read Wish Hits the Fan all the way through in KU, so I've got that going for me.  Now we wait to see if more page reads or sales of the other books come through.

I only did one active thing this week.  Hubs and I took a walk.  I did not weigh myself because I've been such a slug.  And I've been eating a lot.  When the active stuff I'm waiting for actually kicks in, I expect to burn a lot of calories, so no worries.

I spent a good portion of time the other morning taking care of the veggies a neighbor brought.  We had like 5 zucchinis, 4 green peppers, and about a baker's dozen of tomatoes.  I shredded two zukes and came up with enough for 3 more batches of bread.  I parboiled and skinned half of the tomatoes, diced them and put them in the fridge.  Two of the peppers went into a deconstructed 'stuffed pepper' casserole dish.  The other two will either end up that way or I'll dice them for later use.

Two of my tomato plants are blooming, but no more fruits.  My one tiny tomato stopped growing at about the size of a racquetball and it's turning orange now.  Can't wait to eat it.  I still have lettuce and I'm picking it here and there for addition to iceberg lettuce salads.  This week I will decant my carrots and see if any of them are big enough for more than a snack.

Another thing that took up some time this week was online house hunting for a friend of mine.  I sent her probably 10 listings to look at.  That was fun.  I like looking at houses.  I think she's found the one she wants now, though, so I'm done with that unless I hear otherwise.  I wonder if I should hire myself out to people who don't have time to look for houses themselves.  I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.  (Even if she didn't pick one of the houses I found.)

Other than that, I spent too much time playing poker.  I moved up to the Elite rooms and now I'm playing with 10mil in chips at a time.  My bank of play chips has grown to 71 million.  Would that it were real.  

I'm still a walking brainfart.  And I still can't sleep.  These may be related.  

So, what's up in your world?


  1. Same ol' same ol' around here. Stormy has spent the weekend. He's currently eating blueberry cherrios and then I have to wrangle him to read his book. His parents will be here around noonish. I'm expecting the "ish" to be more like one. LOL

    He's been good so no real complaints. His teacher though? Gah! She sent home a "fun sheet" of connect the dots. It's 500 dots. An intricate picture that is 9 X 8-ish. I had to get a freaking magnifying glass to read the numbers. He got to #155 and yelled for help. I spent 15 minutes using said magnifying glass to find 156 and 157. They aren't there. He's in the 2nd grade. He's smart, but really? If you're going to send home complicated, at least make it big enough to be read! Gah.

    I got a couple of thousand new words. Not enough.

    Relistening to the Kate Daniels UF series. Her world is crazy. She kicks back. I want to be her. Needless to say, it's helping soothe my soul in this crazy-ass world, even if I"m frustrated because I can't kick back.

    Not much else going on. Hang in there! Hope your week is productive.

  2. Woohoo! My loan finally closed on Friday! (Did I tell you that already? My memory is shot.)

    Now I'm doing Mom's paperwork, trying to push her loan through before she gives up. She wanted it finished the day before she applied. LOL!

    I can't remember the rest of the week *at all*.