Thursday, August 5, 2021

Thursday This n That

Well, the shit that went down earlier in the week has derailed me.  Why blog if they're just going to kill it for no real reason (or for reasons I'd rather not contemplate)?  Anyway, here I am.  I have a job to do and I'm going to do it.  

And now, as I write this, it's in the back of my mind whether each thing I write is going to piss someone off.  People can get offended by anything and these days, they do.  :shrug:  I gotta be me.

We've been totally wrapped up in the Olympics.  Hell, the TV is already on and we NEVER turn the TV on this early.  But Tokyo is 14 hours ahead of us, so our morning is their night and things are popping over there - medal matches and whatnot.  Woohoo.  Not sure what I'm going to do with myself once they're over.  Sunday, I think, is the last day.  Bummer.

The Westcoast crud that's in the atmosphere has me all garbaged up.  It's supposed to be going away shortly.  Not shortly enough for me.  Seriously, I do not want their air.  Or their people.  Or their politics.  Okay, some of their people can come.  Refugees looking for a better life who don't want to turn middle-America into the places they left.  I'm okay with that.

All I want is to be left alone to live my life and do my thing.  I'm not over here bothering anyone.  But the more they crack down, the more they make me want to get all radical and in your face.  The Zucker wonders who radicalized us?  He, and people like him, did it.

:deep breath:

The deer are happily munching corn - mamas, babies, bucks... the whole shebang.  It's awesome.  Lumpy and Sonny and Shady.  Uno.  Whitelegs and her gang.  Spot and Stripes.  It a great day at Sanderson Acres.  (I was going to say beautiful, but it's all hazy again.  Smoke. Blerg.)

Something is killing my spiders.  We have two corpses hanging in the windows now, their abdomens deflated like spent balloons.  Creepy.  My little orb weaver got a big beetle this morning and now she's busy wrapping it up for later meals.  Yeah, spiders are gross, but they're also fascinating.

Okay, I probably should go do something constructive.  What?  I dunno.  Somethin'.

Anything on your this-n-that today?


  1. So much of California is on fire it's scary. The River Fire is very near Mom's old house, and my nephew in the Forest Service thinks it's gone. I hope he's wrong. It was a cool old house, and I loved growing up there.

    Mama Kitty talked her baby into getting within two feet of me. So cute! But I'm not up to taking on a kitten. No way, no how!!!

    The dentist repaired my teeth instead of pulling them. I love that man! Not so fond of the bill, but hey, I can still chew.

    We had 1.75" of rain over the past two days. Yay!

  2. Read a news story this morning about a guy driving to work in San Francisco. He passed a dude and a girl doin' it doggy style on the curb. He had the audacity to take a picture and post it on Twitter with a lament about the decay happening in SF, AND (insult!) he called the cops. Dispatch was like..."So? I'll send someone if you insist." He stayed for 15 minutes. No cops ever showed. And the abuse he got on the tweet about how he should mind his own business and not force his morality on the rest of the world? Dude! That guy is a father. It was a neighborhood street. The world is insane.

    Sorry. Didn't mean to bum you out more but my brain wouldn't stop exploding until I got that out.

    I made three wreaths from wisteria vines. Not sure what I'll do with them. Something cool, hopefully. I have seasonal wreaths for my door so I'll probably make them for Stormy's school auction.

    Hazy here too with maybe some drizzle rain? Eventually. Maybe. That would be nice. Temp just now hit 80 so no real complaints.

    I have a Charlotte spider that is building around the humming bird feeder. I keep hitting her anchor points when add seed to the other bird feeders in the area. I always apologize. She just rebuilds.

    The lights died on Nessie. I went cheap and now I kinda regret it. The ones I replaced were REALLY bright LED strip lights. The ones I got are LED rope lights but they're a softer white and don't put out the lumens. I'll probably break down and go get the strip lights. I'll figure out someplace to use the ropes. Ah well.

    Writing is going. Not...well...but not too shabby, either. At least words are coming.

    Stormy is here today, maybe tomorrow and then all next week. Fun times.

    That's my this for the week. Enjoy the Olympics!