Thursday, August 12, 2021

Thursday This n That

I read an interesting post yesterday over at the Mad Genius Club.  Not sure who the chick is that wrote the crap Sarah posted and filleted, but she should be hanging by her thumbs in a bell tower somewhere. Preferably at midnight, so she gets lots of loud noise in her ears and also bats in her hair.  Why?  Because some poor schmuck somewhere is probably going to listen to her  and believe what she says - on the basis of her assumed 'authority' and all - hate themselves and quit.  And she should be punished for murdering someone else's dreams. 

Then again, if your dreams can't stand the opinions of one or several numbnuts, maybe it wasn't your dream after all.  Only you can really kill your dreams.  Or they kill you.  One or the other.  

Yeah, I'm still not even kinda sorta Positive Polly these days.  Negative Nelly, maybe.  Piss-off Polly, most assuredly.  With a touch of Sarcastic Sue and Cynical Cindy.  But yeah, Polly is nowhere to be seen.  I killed her and then I ate her.

Heh, I used to say that when people would call asking for Miss Meissner (my maiden name).  I wouldn't say it to them.  I'm not crazy.  I'd just say it to myself.  'This is Mrs. Sanderson.  Miss Meissner no longer exists.  I killed her and then I ate her.'  I'm demented that way, but Hubs loves me exactly as I am - demented and all.

It's Wallyworld day.  This should be fun.  :eyeroll:

Blue Pepsi is kind of addictive.

I got kind of pissed yesterday when I saw, yet again, a news station post a reminder for people to check their backseats so they don't accidentally leave their kids in the car on these blistering hot days.  How stupid have people become?  Or maybe it should be 'how stupid do they think people have become?'  Maybe they're trying to make people stupid by doing all their thinking for them.  :shrug:  The nanny state is reducing the populace to morons.  Morons are easier to control, doncha know.

I still want a dog.

Adulting is hard.  If I wasn't such an adult, I'd already have a dog.  Damn responsibleness. 

Got anything for the this n that list today?


  1. We've had four incidences in the past 3 weeks where cops and/or firefighters had to break a window to get either a child or a dog out of a hot car. And the so-called adult exhibits one of two attitudes--the "I was only gone a minute!" and the "Oh, my god, I don't know what I was thinking." To the first, yeah, that "minute" you were gone? Four people walked past your car, saw the problem, tried to get into your car, and then called 911. First responders then arrived Code 3 (lights and sirens) but unless you happen to be across the street from the fire station, it still takes at least 5-7 minutes for them to arrive. Your car, in these temperatures is now hovering around 140 degrees inside. As for the 2nd? You WEREN'T thinking and you should be punished for being so stupid. Moving on...

    It IS Thursday, isn't it? Okay...Stormy has been around quite a bit this week. He's been fun. He reads for an hour for his "pre-school" assignment. Good way for the teachers to ease the kids back into school mode. His parents have had him reading every day anyway. He and his Big Daddy are doing fun things and he loves bologna sandwhiches. *shudder* Bologna is a BD/LG thing, not a Jammie thing.

    Words are slow but coming in fits and starts.

    Insomnia sucks.

    I love coffee.

    A couple of red finches have discovered the feeder outside the office window. They have a sweet song.

    Either I've had hummingbirds or it's so hot the feeder is evaporating over the course of a week. It is a spot where I can't see it from my desk.

    I saw a cute deal--a person built a bee bath. She got a shallow pan, added smooth rocks and fills it with fresh water every day. Evidently the bees love it.

    And that was a happy note so I'll end my this on that there. Happy Thursday!

  2. We have kids die every summer, too. Some people should NEVER be parents.

    After 4+ months, my refi might close next week. Woohoo!

    My email app is down for the second day, so I have to log onto GoDaddy several times a day to check for orders. Come on Mozilla, get it fixed! At least, I hope it's not on my end...

    Scammers have taken to calling Mom, asking for me. She answers every call; I screen everything on the answering machine. Trouble is, every time someone abuses my name, Mom calls to tell me about it. Sigh.

    (Whispering: you need a dog!) (Or a cat!!!) :-)