Thursday, August 26, 2021

Thursday This n That

I got the urge to cut my hair the other day.  I think I went a little too far, but it's not awful.  Short for the height of summer is all.  I think Hubs' reaction was 'wow, you went short this time'.  Not quite as short as 2001, but close.  I think this is the shortest I've had my hair since we got married.  Here's me in 2001, by the way...

You know, back in the day when this was the best way to take a selfie... in the bathroom mirror.  ROFL

I've spent a lot of this week over at a friend's, helping her pack up her house so she can move away.  :sadface:  Since I've moved like a gazillion times, it's old hat for me.  Still, I'm having nightmares that something I packed will get broken in transport.  It's never happened, but she has so many beautiful things, the fear is real.  Most of my stuff is cheap and easily replaced.  I think today, we'll be tackling her back bedroom. You all know the room... the 'room of requirement' we all have in our homes, where everything we don't use on a regular basis gets shoved because we're sure we'll still need it someday.  

I don't have a room like that anymore.  I have a walk-in closet of requirement.  LOL

I keep finding little bruises.  Moving bruises.  Thank goodness I'm not the one moving.  Hubs and I swore when we moved here, it was our last move.  Ever.  The other day, we were talking about the housing bubble that's going on right now and whether we should sell this place.  By about halfway through, I was laughing so hard I was crying.  You'd have to have been there.  The only way anyone will get me out of this house now is to render me unconscious and pack me in a box alongside my books.

Owl turned 28 this month.  How on earth do I have a child that's almost 30?  I swear I'm too young for... Umm...  Never mind.  Here she is at her first Easter:

That's me helping her with her Easter basket, with Dad in the background.  What a little baldy she was.  And my hair was so dark.  Now, it's mostly gray.  Time marches across us all.

Edy's Salted Caramel Pretzel ice cream isn't as good as I'd hoped.  Too salty.

It's been so hot and humid here lately my mouse-arm is sticking to my desk, so I put a piece of paper there.  Which is fine, but I've been writing on the paper, so it's kind of trashed out now.  Still, it's a good place to jot things.  I'll probably switch it out for another one when this one gets full.  Heaven forbid I use one of my umpteen notepads.  LOL

Okay, I think that's quite enough out of me this morning.  What's up with you?


  1. It IS Thursday, isn't it. Hrmmm. I remember those mirror selfies, even with phone cameras before someone way smarter than me figured out how to get a camera on both sides of the phone. Let's not talk about the ages of our children, mmmkay? But yeah. Owl is like an adult now. My Room of Requirement is almost clear of the accumulated junk. Too bad we also have a a couple of Cloests of Requirement and the dreqaded Garage of Requirement!

    Okay. Some this-n-that. The feral mama cat had two kittens this last time, which is usually her modus operandi. One is black, which she escaped with. The other apparently looks like a Seal Point Siamese only he's gray instead of buff. He's not complete weaned yet so she's fostering until a home can be found. I DID not go over to see him. I'd end up bringing him home. We've just now (after 2 years) gotten Loki to use the litter box for poops. He still pees on the puppy pads. I tried removing them to encourage the litter box but he'd just pee on the floor. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Anyway, there's also Boone who is now Grouchy Old Get Off My Lawn Dog and I'm not sure how he'd react. If anyone wants a pretty kitty, I'll deliver!

    Writing is once again more miss than hit but I am managing to add some words. My brain just doesn't want to cogitate with all the BS going on in the world. It's like, "Mom, we need to grab our blankie and go hide in the closet!"

    My washer is acting up again. The door lock doesn't want to stay locked. I taped it shut this morning and that seems to be working. That reminds me, I need to add very stick duct tape to my Wallyworld list.

    Jake made lots of friends at VA on Monday. He's getting better about elevators and he completely conquored the automatic revolving door this time. Yay.

    I keep waking up at 5 am. Does that mean that when we fall back for DST that I'll now wake up a 4? How hard is it to get rid of?!?!

    I need more coffee. Yes, I've had two cups already but my mug is currently empty. I need to rectify that ASAP.

    My week in a nutshell: Monday - VA; Tuesday - Wallyword & Papa Murphy's; Wednesday - uhm...some new words?; Thursday - I'm awake. Which is good since I basically fell asleep at 9 pm last night.

    On that note, I need to clean and refill the hummingbird feeder, feed the wild birds and crows, and get more coffee. Then I might just grab my pillow and blankie and head to the closet.


  2. I like your (old) haircut. I keep cutting mine shorter and shorter, too. And I'm threatening to shave my head. (Though not seriously. But it's tempting.)

    Happy belated birthday to Owl. :-)

    Um, moving. Part of me wants to, but none of me wants to do all that work.

    The news keeps putting me in tears -- with the happy stories! I'm avoiding the sad ones.

    I finally found Mom's survey. Maybe her loan will start moving again.

    I desperately need a nap. Or lots of coffee!