Tuesday, August 31, 2021


I wrote a post yesterday.  Thought I posted it and went on about my day.  Long about 1pm, I sat down at the computer again and realized it was still sitting there unposted.  But the time had passed, so I shitcanned it.  

Since my friend had errands to run and so did I, we agreed to take yesterday off of packing, etc.  I hit the grocery store and picked up a lot of meals I could throw together easily after a day of packing and whatnot.  Fried chicken, roast chicken, burger.  Forgot the eggs.  Forgot salad.  Derp.

I really am a total toad lately.  Still a walking branfart, too.  Thank goodness I'm at a point where I don't have to cogitate too hard.  I'm a happy packhorse.  Not too bright, but ready to work.  Then I come home, strap on the feedbag and veg.

The other day, chatting with their roofers, I did manage to do a little marketing, so I've got that going for me.  She got a bookmark and I got to talk books.  And my friend was right there telling the gal how awesome my books are.  Whether it turns into sales?  Not yet, but there's always hope.  

It feels good to actually get in there and get something visibly productive done for a change.  Today I'll go over there and survey the painting, which she says looks really good, and admire our handiwork.  I'll probably find a flaw or two, but that's me.  As long as she and her husband are happy, I'm good.  Then her and I will get back to packing and sorting.  

It's not writing.  But maybe right now that's exactly what I need to get back on track down the road.  


  1. Yay for a lady roofer and I totally hope she snags one of your books. Writers. We're always too critical of our own work, no matter if it's putting dishes in the dishwasher or painting a wall. LOL

    And yeah, sometimes, we need to just walk away and be a "normal" person for awhile. You're getting friend time and physical activity and brain working on autopilot. We forget to be like normal folks sometimes and our brain rebels. If I had something productive to do, maybe I'd walk away for a few days too. Ah well.

    Hang in there, m'friend.

  2. Sometimes an active break is what it takes to get the muse motivated again. And you've definitely been active!

    I hope the roofer buys and loves your books!