Thursday, August 19, 2021

Thursday This n That

I spent yesterday morning offline and away from my computer.  After I got home, I remained off social media for the most part until after dinner.  When I got back on, it was like sludge washing over me after I'd already taken a shower.  Yuck.  Unfortunately, I can't stop wading in because I don't want to get blindsided, but I am looking forward to this week where I'll be offline more.  I won't be around tomorrow, for instance.  Probably not Saturday or Sunday either, if the weather holds out.  

Umm, yeah, I can't do the offline thing today.  I still have marketing to do - WIOH is still free after all.  Except I woke up with a decided lack of gumption.

The neighbor who's fostering my zucchini plants is doing an awesome job raising them.  He brought me 3 more zukes.  One of them is huge, so that'll be bread.  One got chopped up with one of the others he brought us over the weekend, and they're now in the freezer.  The last one will be going to a friend later in the week.  Said neighbor also brought me 4 green peppers and a boatload of fresh tomatoes.  I'll be turning half of those 'maters into chunky sauce for freezing today.  And we'll be having stuffed peppers for dinner tonight.  Yay.

Last night with dinner, I made a salad of store-bought lettuce mixed with lettuce from my garden.  Yay. And yum/

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is probably "I don't need to get up and write that down.  I'll remember it in the morning."  And I know better, so I have no excuses.  One thing I thought of when I was trying to fall asleep I did get up and write down.  The second thing I lied to myself about and now I don't remember it.  Derp.

The thing I wrote down?  Yeah, my brain was puzzling over how to paint the back of a garage when there's a sizable carport attached there that you cannot walk or stand on.  And the roof needs work.  Roller on a pole, baby.  Or we can wait until the roof gets fixed, which is scheduled for shortly.  (Not my house, so no worries about me.)  Personally, I'd rather try the roller on a pole than try painting while hanging over the edge of the roof.  Vertigo.  Blerg.

I thought I was going to get to spend the whole day at home today, then I remembered I have to go get cigarettes. :shrug:  Liar liar pants on fire.

I'm still a walking brainfart.  But I'm better than I was the other day.  Ugh.

Okay, time for you to talk.  Comment away.


  1. Some days, there's not enough coffee in the world. This is one of those weeks.

    There's a little "Russian" dude that Jake and I run into at Wallyworld. I don't actually know that he's Russian per se, but his accent is Eastern European. He has a thing for Jake and has asked to take his picture to send to his daughter and yesterday he "filmed" him in the parking lot as I loaded groceries into the Highlander. He's very polite but I think I'll avoid Wednesdays for a while.

    We've had weird rain--sudden pockets of flooding rain blowing up and then dissapating in a short time. The humidity is killing my lungs but I'll take the cooler temps. Heat dome comes back next week. Ugh.

    Writing is still a slog.

    Stormy is back in school though he's coming tomorrow after school to spend the weekend. His folks are doing stuff out of town until Sunday.

    The world is crazy. I'm staying away from it.

    Today is laundry day. Oh joy.

    Aaanndddd...this is all the that in my world. Hang in there and we'll see you after RL settles down. Oh! And yay for figuring out the painting situation.

  2. All of my brains are on paper, with some duplicates online. If I don't write it down, it's gone.

    More rain this week. Sooo weird! It never rains in August.

    My garden is pretty much gone (not that it ever did anything), but this morning Mom gave me 3 tomatoes and 6 summer squash. Yum!

    Mom's stray cat is so cute and sweet. I'd adopt her, but she'd drive Churchill crazy. Plus she truly is an outdoors cat and a great little hunter. We often see her with a plump mouse in her jaws.

    I don't do heights. When I was younger, I occasionally got brave, but now I fall over too easily.

    I hope you start feeling better!