Tuesday, August 3, 2021

It's Baa-aack

So, this morning, I got a nasty-gram from Blogger, telling me this blog violated their rules - on Phishing, no less - and that they'd killed it.  I went through their hoops and it was reinstated a little while ago.  Read all about it over at Outside the Box.  (Which they hadn't killed yet.)

If you ever can't find me here, go there.  If that's gone, too, try my gardening blog.  If that's gone, too, my old version of The Writing Spectacle still exists.  If all my blogs are gone, you can still find me on FB or MeWe.  

If those are gone (maybe with FB but MeWe is safe for now), try emailing me.  Although, my email is through the Big G like my blogs are, so they could knock me out in one fell swoop, if they felt the urge.  

I could shut my mouth and be a good little girl.  Stop swearing.  Stop posting things the current regime finds obnoxious.  Stop calling a spade a spade - as in shovel as opposed to a pick, for those fantastic freakin' morons who don't know the difference. :shrug:  But that just wouldn't be me.

It's still possible all of this was a glitch.  I'm not banking on it.  Why, yes, I do feeling a persecution complex coming on.  Why do you ask?

Just know.... I won't go gentle into that bad night.  Rage and burn against the dying of the light, my friends.  And stay radical out there.  You know, as radical as a 51 year old white chick who gardens and bakes, living in the boonies can get.  As the new saying goes, 'If you're coming for me, make it quick. I've got a pie in the oven.'  


  1. 'If you're coming for me, make it quick. I've got a pie in the oven.'

    OMG! That is my new favorite battle cry! I want that on a shirt! A coffee mug! A poster on my wall!

    I, too, hope it was a glitch and I'm happy you are back. It's a mad, mad world out there. And Gary Jules' "Mad World" mades me sad.

    Anyway. Word for tomorrow is **SUNSHINE**. I'm off to write a scene as soon as I find a "neighborhood diner" in South Boston.

    Glad you're back, and I'll totally hunt you down if you disappear. Just sayin'...

  2. Yay for being back, and so quickly!

    My vote is for a glitch. Or they were trying to rile you up... ;-)