Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 33

 At least I think it's Week 33.  :shrug:

I'm still plugging along on the edit notes for Untitled Fantasy.  I think I'm at 49%.  I had a new idea last night that would seriously slow this whole thing up but might make it all so much more awesome.  We'll see if I move forward with that.

Tomorrow marketing starts up again with the freebie deal for Wish in One Hand.  

In reading news, I actually finished a book last week.  Woohoo.  Go me.  

On the baking front, I did cake cookies in bar form and zucchini bread this past week.  Yes, the zucchini bread was from one of the plants I grew from seeds.  But it was one of the ones I gave to a neighbor.  

One of the things I spent time on this past week was a project Hubs and I have been thinking about doing for a while now - converting all of the slides his Dad left him to digital format.  One of his brothers bought a device to do it with and after he did his, he sent us the device.  Which was weeks ago.  Part of the delay for us was looking through all the boxes to find the slides.  Which I did a while back.  Then I procrastinated.  Then I sat down to do it and realized the cable was not in the box.  Ordered a new cable and waited for it to arrive.  It arrived Friday and I got to work.  All the slides are now digitized.  Yay.  Then I made a spreadsheet key to what each of the picture files actually is.  Tada.  I need to do a key for the files his brother sent us.  Next up... scanning our photos so those are digitized, too.  

Another thing I've been busy with is cleaning.  Specifically, dusting.  I started dusting early in the week and then noticed how cobwebby the ceilings were.  So I high dusted the house.  Then I was too tired to complete the regular dusting.  I did finish the room I was working on when I stopped and another room.  I did the rest of it yesterday.  1500 square feet of various flat surfaces, knick-knacks and tchotchkes, bookshelves, etc.  It's a bear, but it looks nice when it's done, so that's why I do it.

Another thing taking up my time was watering the gardens.  It has been hot-hot-hot.  I do the container garden every day, but with this heat, Hubs pointed out that my in-ground gardens were looking peaked.  So, I've been outside, dragging the hose all over the yard drenching my plants.  Takes me about 30-45 minutes.  Between that and the dusting, there's my activity for the week.  Woohoo.

I also did a Wallyworld haul.  Man need food.  Ug.  

Other than that, it's been a lot of laying around in the AC trying not to melt.  We did get one hell of a rainstorm a couple days ago, which cooled the temps off some, which helps.  

And now I'm off to get back to my cleaning to-do list.  What was up in your worlds last week?  Anything exciting for the week ahead?


  1. You've been very productive. I'm jealous. I mimicked a slug most of the week.

    Stomry was here 3 1/2 out of 5 day weekdays. He'll be here Monday and Tuesday and then he starts school on Wednesday. We enjoy him so it's no trouble but it does tend to screw up the routine. Not a bad thing, just a different thing.

    The older I get the more I rely on routine. If I get off track, I have serious senior moments...

    Doing "comfort" reads this week. I'm back in something of a slump so rather than inflict that on new books, I'm relistening to old favorites.

    Words have been slow but at least I now have faces for all the "main" characters so far. I did end up switching pics of two of the heroines. I'd picked out one model for Maura (the ADA who hooks up with the "main" Wolf) and another for Maggie (who hooks up with her nextdoor neighbor who is #4 in the hierachy--he's the IT/biz dude in the mob). The more I stared at them, I realized I had it backwards. Hopefully, that means more words this week.

    Speaking of writing, I gotta do that novella! Ack.

    Was an awesome week for baseball.

    How can it be the middle of August? *flail*

    I did a little more cleaning and sorting on the old office/Florida room. I really need to get that table cleared off so we can move it under the windows. Maybe this afternoon. Or not. Cards play at 1:00.

    Not much else going on in my world. Same ol', same ol'. I suppose that beats some of the alternatives. 😂

    Can't wait to hear about this new twist in the fantasy. I say go for it! Here's to a productive week for us all!

  2. Yay for the new idea for your book! It's worth the time to get it exactly the way you want it.

    It's been way too hot here, too, but this morning a thunderstorm blew in and cooled everything down. Mom and I got out for a wonderful! short walk before the thunder came too close.

    I read two books this week. One was a long, long, LONG fantasy where she described every building and tree the characters passed (I skimmed a lot). Otherwise it was great. Then a rather dull mystery that might have been good if I hadn't just finished the fantasy.

    Oh! I didn't know we could digitize slides at home. I need to tell Mom. She used to have a million slides, but they might not have survived the move.

    Cleaning. Sigh. I need to work on that. One of these days. ;-)