Monday, August 16, 2021

Digitizing the Past

Yesterday, I talked about the slide project I've been working on.  Like so many others in a certain time, Hubs' Dad made a lot of slides.  At one point, he divided those slides and sent them to his sons.  Recently, one of Hubs' brothers bought a device that allows for digitizing those slides.  Bro1 did his and then sent the device on to Bro2, who did his slides (as well as their Mom's) and sent the device along to us. 

So, I took the device - finally - and converted all the slides we had.  Bro2 also sent a memory card thingie with all of his digitized slides.  Between Hubs and Bro2, they had 743 slides in total.  Which I am now looking through and noting what each slide is for future reference.  The important thing is all the slides are now on media and will be going to the safe deposit box.  

It's neat walking through the past like this.  It gives me a richer knowledge of Hubs.  I look through the pictures and we talk about his childhood and his father, who I never got a chance to meet.  Makes me wish my dad had been into slides so I could do this and Hubs could get a richer knowledge of me, too.  And he could know my father better, who he never got a chance to meet either.  

I think his dad and my dad would've liked each other.  It's nice to think of them somewhere, fishing together and shooting the shit.

The next project will be to scan all the photos.  I have tons of photos.  He has photos.  Scan 'em in and make them safe from flood and fire.  And make it easier to flip through them all.  Dragging out the albums is a pain.  

Years ago, my brother scanned in a bunch of Mom's pictures.  I can visit those any time I want from the comfort of my desk chair.  There are pictures in there I don't ever remember seeing.  Like this one of what I assume was the church choir when my father was a teen.  (He's in the top row, just to the left of the adult.)


I mean, I knew Dad was in choir, but having a picture makes the knowledge richer.  Know what I mean?  

What about you?  Do you get a kick out of looking at old photos?  Have you ever tried to digitize the past?  


  1. My folks shoved all their photos into a suitcase. It sits in one of my closets. Not sure how I ended up with it but I'm glad I did considering how the evil SiL tore through belongings and trashed them after Mother passed. I really need to digitize them and identify those I can before my brain inplodes.

    LG and I were lucky. His dad and mine were great friends, as were our mothers. His parents were basically younger versions of mine. It was cool and I miss them all. I'm sorry Only didn't get more time with them and sorry that Stormy will only know them through stories.

    Good job on getting this done and good luck with the photos!

  2. I LOVE old photos - and hope at some point I can digitize all of my mom's. Ron was a slide film guy before I met him, so there's tons of the Arctic I would love to scan and view. Good reminder to get it done...thanks, B.E. :)