Thursday, March 31, 2022

Thursday This n That

I swear to god whoever's sneaking into our house at night and beating us in our sleep needs to stop. (This is not really happening.  It just feels like it.)

I taught Hubs how to make cake cookies last night.  He had a sweet tooth thing going on and I told him to go make cookies.  I ended up doing most of the work (which is not much work anyway), but now he knows how for future reference.  (Considering the fact that I am a total control-freak in the kitchen, this was a bigger deal than you think.)  I made them BIG because it was necessary.  And as soon as they were cool enough for the chocolate chips to not burn our mouths, we ate some.  Yay.  Warm chocolate chip cookies are da bomb.  

I'm also a control-freak in my car.  His car? Nope.  My car?  I'm in control, baby.

It might snow today.  And that's just about enough of that already.  Sheesh.

We've had a red-shouldered hawk hanging out around the yard lately.  I've named him Rufus.  Yesterday, I saw Beauregard in the woods.  (He's our resident broad-winged hawk.)  Luckily, I think they have different prey.  Unfortunately, I fear Beau might be prey in Rufus's eyes.  Hope not, but nature's a witch sometimes.

Did I tell you someone hit a beaver on the highway the other day?  There's a wet-weather creek right there leading to the lake, about 3/4 of a mile away, and for some reason the beavers cross the highway at that point.  No clue why.  I just know this is the second beaver that's been hit right there since we moved here.

My brother traps beavers in Michigan.  He provides a service for people whose land is being ruined by the pesky buggers and he takes the skinned carcasses to a raptor rehabilitator.  He also makes maple syrup.  This is probably a busy time for the maple thing and according to this, nearing the end of beaver season.  Plus, he works a 'full-time and then some' job.  Bro's a busy dude.  If more people had his drive, this world would be a better place all the way around.

We're a pretty industrious family.  Stop laughing.  I can be industrious.  =op  (I'm not, but I can be.)

I quit watching Grey's Anatomy cold turkey.  I'm not even sure why I liked it.  Don't even get me started on the dysfunctional relationships it regularly portrays as normal and good.  It's certainly addictive, though, which is why I had to stop cold turkey.  Like football.  I'm not a 'wean myself off' kind of person.  It's really hard to not walk in the living room right now and turn on the TV to watch it.  But I'm pushing through.

Speaking of dysfunctional relationships, I have had more than my fair share.  I was talking to Mom about it yesterday.  One in particular was especially nasty and I was telling her I still have nightmares.  They're only about once a year now, but they're always bad.  And no, he never hit me.  He just tormented me mentally and emotionally to the point where I thought about killing myself to get away from him.  And THAT was the point at which I realized I needed to get the hell away from him.  And I still tried to stay.  It took one more week of being treated like crap to put some starch in my spine and I was outta there.  Whew.  Did I learn?  Nope.  Fell into a similar relationship about 2 years later.  Eventually, I did learn, though, and I'm with Hubs.  Who is awesome, by the way.  

Wow, I was a little wordy there, wasn't I?  Got anything to share with me this morning?


  1. I think Beau and Rufus will come to an agreement over hunting grounds. Hawks normally don't go after each other unless it's mating season.

    Go home, Mother Nature, you're drunk!

    Pistol Pete (aka Mow-Mow) is back in the garage. I'll free him today. I brought him in due to the projected severe weather. We got lightning and enough rain to muddy LG's truck windshield. Then it turned cold and he was comfy so I left him alone. With food, water, and a litter box. All of which he uses. I did discover he has a cropped ear meaning he's been neutered. I contacted a rescue because I think he's very adoptable but it's kitten season so they're full. I'd bring him in if he didn't freak over the dogs and Loki didn't freak over him. They've seen each other but just crouched and stared from about six feet apart. *shrug*

    I lost SEAL MOON. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I had it revised and ready to go but for the backmatter. And disappeared. I spent four hours searching my computer files for the updated version. It's nowhere to be found. 😢 I was so depressed and pissed at myself yesterday, I walked away from the computer. Today, I'll start over but not on it. I've got RESUCE MOON open. And the books will get back live whenever they get back live. I'm so disgusted with myself right now.

    Stormy comes today and tomorrow after school. That's happy news.

    I have coffee. That's also happy news.

    Not much else in my world. I really wish I could just go back to bed and pull the covers over my head. Ah, well. Time to pull up my big girl panties and get on it.

  2. Ooohhh! Warm chocolate chip cookies! I want!

    Cleo has decided the best seat in the house is Right In Front of the Computer Screen. We are undergoing hostage negotiations. I try not to wiggle the mouse while she's watching. Unfortunately, she's not a lap cat, but she is willing to lay on the desk and stare at me. Possibly in irritation. LOL!