Saturday, March 19, 2022

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 3/19/22

Not much to talk about this week because I'm back to work on my manuscript.  Proofreading for the most part, but it's taking a lot of my time.  And it's keeping my Kindle occupied.  Needless to say, I'm two books behind on my reading goal.  

No new books this week.

Books Read:

13) Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (3/12/22) - Literature - 5 stars.  In no way was this new to me or underappreciated.  No clue where I picked up this copy.  I didn't find the exact edition I was reading on Goodreads, so I picked the edition I used to have.  Not sure where that went or when.  =o\
Review: "
I haven't read this in ages - although when I was younger, I read at least once a year - and I still love it as much as I ever did."

No DNFs.

Currently reading... a short story collection by Daphne du Maurier that I picked up in 2019 at one of the thrift stores (the year I started keeping track of my book purchases).  I made it about 2/3 of the way through before I got sucked into the proofreading vortex.

What did your reading week look like?

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  1. I'm at 26 books on the year, 5 books behind my challenge average. Ah well. Still doing the Shelly Lautenston relisten. They're light-hearted with some suspense and I can skip past the myriad sexy bits to make up time. LOL I managed 3 books this week, despite a heavy dose of writing business stuffs, which I'm also behind on but what else is new, right? This week's selection:

    26 - The Mane Squeeze (Pride, #4), ParaRom w/ humor, 4 stars. A Philly girl tigon and a Jersey bear. She's a plumber who needs to find her Roller Derby roots. He's former SpecOps in the nefarious Unit who wants to build custom furniture. Don't judge. It works. LOL

    25 - The Mane Attraction (Pride, #3), ParaRom 5 stars. She-wolf and whiney lion cop who's got a contract on his head. She takes this Philly/New York dude home to the hills of Tennessee. There is much hilarity to be had but his whining does get on my nerves. Sissy Mae though? She just puts a big ol' smile on my face.

    24 - The Beast in Him (Pride, #2), ParaRom 4 stars. She's an African Wild Dogs (and they are...hysterical! Karaoke and geeky fandom run rampant). He's a wolf from Tennessee transplanted to NYC to open a security company with his lion best friend after their duty in the SEALS is done. Jess had a huge crush on Bobbie Ray back in high school but the the she-wolves of the Smith pack bullied her--including Smitty's sister, Sissie Mae. Now she runs her own wild dog pack and they own a major software company. She makes Smitty grovel and it's all good.

    Currently listening to the next book in the series, BEAST BEHAVING BADLY. Hybrid wolf-dog roller derby girl and polar bear/cat (tiger I think? Can't remember) hockey player with OCD and a hate-on for everyone. I know. I know. Ridiculas but it makes me laugh every freaking time so there's that.

    Happy reading, proofing, formatting, and writing!