Thursday, March 3, 2022

Thursday This n That

I finished reading a book yesterday!  First time since 1/21.  It wasn't a particularly good book, but I finished it.  And I started another which is looking like a DNF.  Oh, well.

The weather was so awesome yesterday I started putting plants back into my garden.  The irises I took out of the cedar bed are now lining the back of the front garden.  The peonies are all in the middle.  And the mums are lining the front north-side curve.  Fingers crossed they're all still alive.  The lariopes are moving to the south bed today.  They both still look really good, but they thrive in dry soil.  I went over to the azalea bed to move my one pathetic peony and I couldn't find it.  Bummer.  I also moved my terracotta bowl and its stand from the cedar bed to the front bed, underneath where the gutter tends to overflow, so the water will fall in the bowl rather than making a puddle in my flower bed.  Meanwhile, Hubs started weeding the driveway.  You know, to make it so it looks like a driveway again.  Yay.

I've been listening to a lot of new music lately and writing the good stuff down in my little notebook, so I can look it up later.  If I still like it, I paste the link into a draft email, so I can listen to it whenever I want to.  There's probably an easier way, but I don't care.

Spring.  I know it's not here yet, but it's acting like Spring.  And my sinuses are stuffy this morning. Yay?

I saw something on FB this morning that went something like this: "If you don't trust the media, but are now hating the Russians because the media told you to, you haven't been paying attention."  I'm a Cold War kid.  I've hated the Russians for a as long as I was old enough to know what Russians were.  And not because the media told me to.  (Okay, maybe that was true when I was a kid, but not later.)  I hate communism/socialism in all its forms.  I wish I could say I always have, but there was the brief time in college when communism had its allures.  (In college... shocking, I know.)  I got over it.  No one has the rights to what anyone else produces.  No one is entitled to what I've earned, just as I'm not entitled to what they've earned.  

In happier news, the robins came through on their migratory route and pretty much stayed instead of moving on.  I passed through a whole flock of the buggers on my way to the store the other day.  Dozens of them flying all over the place to get out of the way of my car.  Luckily, I was driving slow and didn't hit anyone. 

A couple of days ago, I defrosted a pork roast for dinner.  And then forgot about it until it was too late to cook it.  Happened again yesterday.  Today, I have to cook that roast or lose it.  Derp.  We ended up having pancakes with ham for dinner last night.

Okay, time to toddle off.  Got anything to add to the this n that stream today?


  1. Go roast that pork!'s not the media telling me to hate the Russians. I don't actually hate Russians. I hate their regime and the whole idea of communism. I hope the Russian people finally find their balls, rise up and do something about it.

    I won't get political. You know my thoughts.

    I think I got a bad salad for my birthday dinner. We had BBQ from a favorite restaurant. The only thing I ate different was a salad. I paid for it yesterday. Still not 100% but I needed to get out of bed and move because my back was killing me.

    The weather is awesome! Due to the snow/ice/sleet, my daffodils aren't anywhere close to blooming which gave me a sad on my birthday because I usually have at least one bloom.

    I got a cardboard paper cut on my right middle finger when I was at Wallyworld Monday. It bled like a sumbeech and now it's hard to type because of the bandaid.

    I got a little writing done. VERY little. I gotta get back in that saddle ASAP.

    Going to be another pretty day. Makes me want to go sit in the sun.

    I'm now 4 books behind schedule but I'm slowly working through some.

    Not much else going on. I'll be headed bac, to bed soon. Have a great day! Later, tater.

  2. Yay for reading, and double yay for it being warm enough for gardening! I love peonies and azaleas, but it's too dry here for my brown thumb to keep them alive. (I am NOT admitting I'm too lazy to take good care of them!)

    It's supposed to be warm for a few days, so maybe I'll get outside and into the dirt. :-)

    I'm a Cold War kid, too. I try to be fair, but the Russians have always made me nervous, at best. Poor, poor Ukraine!

    The Victorian magazines I ordered off eBay have arrived, and I'm in Seventh Heaven!