Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thursday This n That

I won a poker tournament this week.  Wanna see?

First out of 225.  Yay.  I hit final table with the least amount of money.  The two guys with the most amount went out like third and fifth.  When we got to heads-up, the other guy had like 3.7 million to my 800K.  We went back and forth for about 20 minutes.  Then when I had like 2/3rds of the chips, he went all in and I made a flush.  Woohoo.

In other news, my book went live at Amazon on Wednesday.  Yesterday, it went live on Apple, Kobo, B&N and some other places.  Click here for the universal link.  So pretty.

I spent most of yesterday being a toad.  Today, I'll get back to work.  The voices in my head are having a war about which book to do and they're bombarding me with scenes.  One side is throwing scenes for SCIU #4.  The other side is chucking bits of Shroudlands #2.  Gah.  Not sure who'll win yet, but the battle is fierce.

There's a big black dog running loose in the area.  He's gorgeous.  A black lab mix of some kind.  I swear if I see him out by the highway again, I'm coaxing him into my car and bringing him home.  I'll look for his owners.  Honest I will.  Stop laughing... I'll do it.  Okay, maybe not super hard...  But his coat is clean and shiny, so someone has to own him.  If I see him hit on the highway, though, I'm going to be very sad and extremely pissed.  I think I will call him Rochester.  Of Jane Eyre, not Jack Benny.  

I do have a affinity for Rochester of Jack Benny fame, though.  Have had one since I was a little girl.  I was also super fond of Jimmy Durante.  Ha chatta cha.  And Lou Costello.  Can't watch the old Abbott and Costello movies anymore.  I still love Lou, but Bud pisses me right the hell off.  

There are tiny red buds on my redbud tree.  And itty-bitty leaves on my lilac.  It's supposed to get cold again tonight.  If it freezes and kills my tiny buds, I'm going to have a sad.

This winter has been really weird.  Hot and cold, hot and cold.  Blerg.

Okay, time to toddle off.  Have a great day.  And feel free to drop whatever comments you may before you leave.  


  1. Yay for the win! Too bad that's not real cash. LOL Happy Book Birthday! I have my copy!! Review to come shortly. I hope to heck you are making notes on ALL the scenes for future reference. Go find Rochester! Today!

    Okay. It is Thursday. I have a daffodil. Finally. I haven't checked the other clumps to see if there are buds.

    Pistol Pete is mad at me. I didn't try hard enough to find him and lure him back into the garage for the rain event. I saw him yesterday. He sat in the next-door-neighbors front yard meowing angrily at me but he wouldn't approach.

    I've gotten some writing done but not near enough. My brain isn't braining and it is starting to piss me off. Not sure why I'm in such a fog.

    There is baseball and softball. I couldn't care less about "March Madness." I hope all the longshots win and destroy everyone's brackets! *bwahahaha*

    I was going to fix oriental for dinner one night then realized I forgot eggrolls. I either need to hit the store again or reschedule it for next week after my next grocery run. Decisions, decisions.

    Stormy comes after school today. He was funny at his birthday party and he and his Big Daddy had quite the conversation on the way home from school on Monday when discussing his presents. LG managed to keep a straight face until he related the conversation to me later.

    Not much else in my world. I'm ready for some warm weawther. My hands, knees, and hip do NOT like the cold. At all. Happy Friday Eve!

  2. I hope you do take Rochester home with you!

    Woohoo to your poker tournament! I'm hopeless with cards. The only game I ever got "good" at was the one where you won by losing, and now I can't remember what it was called.

    My plum tree has tiny white buds and my magnolia has started to bloom. I'm looking forward to all my flowers!

    Cleo is now very friendly and full of energy. She hops around like a three-legged flea until she tires out. Then, like a human 3-y-o, she crashes for a few hours. :-)