Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Today is Another Day

Yesterday on Outside the Box, I talked about getting myself back into the right mindset to work.  I had big plans for yesterday and it started out pretty good.  I got the edit notes completed first thing and then sent it to my Kindle for final proofing.  Then I planned on sitting down to write the blurb.  

Unfortunately, I then made the mistake of turning on the TV.  Watched an hour's worth of Grey's Anatomy while I wrestled with myself about whether to go grocery shopping.  I finally sucked it up and went to Wallyworld.  If that doesn't drain the gumption out of you, I don't what does.  

Gumptionless, I continued the slide back into my old routine by eating lunch and then sitting down for poker.  While I was waiting for a tournament to commence, I did start my blurb, though, so not a total loss.  And after I finished the tournament (17th out of like 275, by the way), I finished the blurb.  I haven't looked at it again.  It most likely sucks. 

Last night was a lost cause.  I planned to write.  Really, I did.  But we dined late and then there were things on TV to watch.  

I'm not kicking myself.  Today is another day.  A fresh time to get back to work.  If I fall down, I need to get back up again and not kick myself until I can't get up.  Lord knows, the world is kicking us all enough that we don't need to do it to ourselves, too.  

So, today I will hit that blurb again.  And I had a dream last night that gave me some additional insight into Justice Served - and :gasp: I got up and wrote it down.  So, I've got that going for me.  Onward and upward.

And here's a little inspiration for y'all... Harber Row - Shine On

Keep shining, folks.  

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  1. Onward and upward, indeed! Despite Wallyworld and Stomry, with the addition of crappy sleep patterns and Boone interference, I managed to get my blog written, a list of things to watch for in the book I'm currently revising, and I'm within 10 pages of finishing the "hard" revision--ie. changing character names and fitting actions/adding actions to fit the new characters.

    Stormy comes back today and I don't have LG as a buffer--he has VA appointments, a lunch meeting and then something else that will keep him until 2-ish. Stormy is pretty good about entertaining himself but I get restless and have to go check on what he's doing because when smart kids go quiet? Yeah...that.

    We'll flounder through one way or another. LOL Hang in there.