Thursday, March 10, 2022

Thursday This n That

The coffee is hot and strong today.  May yours be, too.

I finished looking up and saving all the songs I have written in my little notebook.  Then I shared some with Hubs last night.  He seemed to enjoy the video for Someone to You by BANNERS.  (Watch it all the way to the end.)

Yesterday, while I was on the phone with Mom, Hubs saw a coyote trotting through our woods.  He went to grab the camera, but the bugger was too fast.  We also saw an armadillo a few days before that.  Since the dude who used to kill critters died, and the gal who used to live-trap animals and move them moved herself,  the 'nuisance' animals are slowly coming back.

On the other hand, we've had a big brown dog wandering the neighborhood, too.  Someone we didn't recognize stopped yesterday and asked Hubs if he'd seen the dog, because it had gotten into their garage and stolen a bag of food.  As soon as she drove away, it wandered unconcerned past our house.  I hope it belongs to someone and isn't a drop-off.  Although, a dog as smart as that needs to be my dog... you know, if he doesn't already belong to someone.  I shall call him Rogue.

The unrecognized neighbor (after almost 9 years, we still haven't met most of the people in here, by the way) said Jerry tried to catch it but it ran away.  The only Jerry we could think of is old and doesn't strike us as a dog lover.  Then I remembered there's a female Geri on the other side of the hill who owns a corgi.  It was probably her.  (Turns out there's another dude Jerry, but he is also old and probably not spry enough to try and catch a dog.)  Funny how this gal we'd never met assumed we knew who she was talking about.  Anyway, we think she might belong to the house that's being remodeled.  

In our neighborhood, there are lakeside people and hill people.  They rarely associate with one another.  The gal who moved in next door has lived in the neighborhood for years, but at the beginning of the neighborhood.  (I've known her husband, but just met her.)  She doesn't know many of the people back in here either.  So, maybe there's a third group of people.  

It's an interesting dynamic in this little rural neighborhood, I tell ya.  Like the gal who used to be married to the guy across the street, but now she's married to a guy who lives down the hill.  I don't think I could live in the same neighborhood as any of my exs.  Hell, I don't live in the same state as any of them.  LOL

Okay, I should probably go do something constructive this morning.  Got any this-n-that going on in your neighborhood?


  1. Coffee is hot, creamy and sweet. Just the way I like it. Y'all should get a trail cam. Or ten. 😉 Put food out for Rogue. Smart dogs should be taken care of! Ah, the joys of rural "communities." LOL

    I've managed about 2700 words on the new WIP. As usual, random scenes pop into my head when I wake up in the night, or first thing in the morning. So far, they stick with me until I get them written down, which tells me they need to be in the book. Writing progress.

    I'm beginning to really dislike the "green apologists." They have no frickin' clue how the real world works. Makes me want to do to them (on a slightly lesser level) what I'd like to do to the Kremlin.

    Made the last payment on LG's truck this week. That frees up more fundage to offset the raging inflation. Grrr.

    I got to watch my OSU Cowgirls come back to win against Minnesota and then play a shut-out against them in the second game. Thank you ESPN+ for televising softball games since stupid MLB can't get its $h!+ together.

    Still slow on the book listening. I'm enjoying the current "read" but it's a time thing. Writing, don'cha know.

    Today is going to be a crazy weather day. We're supposed to hit 55 around noon, at which point the arctic front hits and it drops then a smattering of snow overnight before temps rise again and into the 70s next week. Ah, March.

    Okay. That's pretty much it for me. Gotta get some stuff done because Stormy is coming over after school. Baseball Boy has a game and Only is working her side-hustle "private library curator" job tonight. Since Starbucks has closed it's Russian stores, and I'm out spending gas anyway, I'll hit the Starbucks that's mostly on the way to Stormy's school for a fix. I have reward stars I need to spend before the end of the month. At the moment, I'm limiting visits to the one that's across the street from Wallyworld when I'm at Wallyworld for my weekly grocery run.

    Have a good one!

  2. Are you living in my 'hood? Our house was built by a couple, when then bought more land in the 'hood and built another house, then did it again. Their third door to someone I guess she thought was hot. Affair, divorce - the man moved away, she and this new guy stayed. Bought more property, built a house, then did it again. This time, HE was found to be having the affair - she kicked him out. Subsequently, she has moved out of the 'hood. Like a Peyton Place - seriously, you can't write stuff like this because it's stranger than fiction!!!

  3. We used to live out in the county, but now new houses are going up all around us. Not TOO close, but I'm not used to seeing so much activity in "my" fields. There are too many people in this area! ;-)

    I've met a few of our neighbors over the past 19 years. My nephew married the closest's daughter about 15 years ago. LOL!

    I keep watching the humane shelter website. I'm so tempted by the kittens, but I know perfectly well they'd drive me insane. I'm holding out for an older cat!