Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Things I Remember Fondly

 As I was laying in bed not sleeping last night, I came up with a list of things I remember fondly...

- not laying in bed for hours thinking

- size ten jeans

- wearing jeans

- drinking

- $1.78 gasoline

- eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it

- running

- typing anything without feeling the psychotic urge to edit it

- putting 'brown' down as my hair color

- surviving on four hours of sleep

- sleeping

- having a dog

- my smokin' hot bod

- the excitement of release day

- wearing makeup

- going for long drives

- eating out

- my best friend from high school

- my childhood dog

- a whole day without something hurting

- the vocal range I had when I was younger

- enthusiasm 

Yeah, I didn't actually get to sleep until after midnight and I was up at 6, so I'm not the cheeriest person this morning.  Eh, stuff happens.  

What are some things you remember fondly?


  1. Whoa. That's quite the list there, sister. I have some entries that mtach so I'll skip them. Hrmm...let me think.

    - steak

    - lobster (out in a restaurant)

    - reading (I enjoy listening to books but there's a bunch I'd like to read that aren't available in audio

    - long, hot baths in a big tub

    - sitting on a back deck/patio/whatever and enjoying the evening. And/or reading.

    - driving at night

    - Live PD

    - softball tournaments with Only

    - eating unlimited amounts of chocolate peanut clusters

    I'm sure there's other stuff but that's all on the top of my head. Now I'm craving chocolate peanut clusters. Heh.

  2. Being able to walk for hours at a time, and feeling GOOD the whole time.

    Having interesting dreams, and remembering them in the morning. (Though I don't miss the nightmares!)

    Most of my list matches much of yours!

    In other news, Cleo is home, not groggy, happily exploring the house, and not the LEAST bit interested in me. I take that back; she sat in my lap for 15 seconds. Apparently, my house is Curious Cat Heaven. LOL!