Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Nope, Still Not Dead

I had great hopes for yesterday.  The plan was to hit the ground running and get some marketing done.  Ummm... I woke up feeling like I'd hit the ground alright.  Splat.  I did manage to get the bills paid and the dishes done.  Other than that, I was toast for the day.  Still not 100% this morning.

I tried writing some marketing copy.  One shouldn't try to do that running at less than 50%.  It felt like I was trying to sell the latest in toilet-scrubbing technology on late night TV, so I shut it down and then went to flop in the recliner.  This morning? It isn't TOTALLY awful.  I still feel like a huckster.  Maybe that's what people want in their marketing these days, though.  

Announcing the first in a new series by novelist B.E. Sanderson.  Combining her skill at writing suspense, mystery, and paranormal with her love of all things magical and marvelous, the epic fantasy, Shroudlands: Song of Storm and Shroud is now available at a variety of fine retailers.  Follow Aryl as he learns to wield the magic inside him, as he faces both his fears and his doubts, and as he fights to save his homeland from the evils escaping the Shrouds.  A wild ride for teens and teens-at-heart. Get your copy today.  https://books2read.com/song-of-storm-and-shroud

:shrug:  I suck at marketing.  Unless you think that's awesome, and then I just suffer from a lack of confidence.  

Selling books is awesome.  Not selling books is the opposite of awesome.  (Yeah, I'm a wordsmith today, aren't I?  Don't pick on me this morning.  I'm beginning to think this is Feel Like Crap, Round Two.*)  What I mean, if you couldn't parse that from the awesome/not awesome thing, is that when my books sell, I feel like I could take on the world.  And when they don't, I feel like I can't do any damn thing.  

Anyway, I'm going to crawl back to my recliner.  I just wanted to pop in and give you a glimpse into the glamorous life of this writer.  Whoopee.  And, of course, to prove I'm not dead.

How are things in your life these days?

*Stomach, not respiratory, so no worries about 'rona in any of its many variants.


  1. Sounds like you're coming down with something. Ugh. Braining is hard enough and with a body not wanting to cooperate? Yeah. Recliner time. Not sure what that copy is for because I do very little advertising/marketing--which is probably why my sales are just so-so. Part of it is, I really don't like social media.

    I think I'd hype the book more and the author a little less? Maybe something like:

    New book, new series, for fans of action and magic from fantasy author B.E. Sanderson. Creating a new world full of magic with life-and-death sturggles against the darkness seeping from behind the Shroud that threatens his homeland, Sanderson introduces readers to Aryl in Shroudlands: Song of Storm and Shroud. Recruited by the king for his magic potention, Aryl is separated from his twin and sent off to study with the King's battle mages. Get your copy today from a variety of online bookstores. This is a fantasy adventure teens and teens-at-heart can all enjoy. Find your favorite store here: https://books2read.com/song-of-storm-and-shroud

    Not sure that's any better but whatever. I need to get my brain in gear and get some words written today. Like you, though, I'd rather be curled up in a comfy chair (or bed!). LOL Hang in there and feel better soon!!!

  2. Uhm...That should be "magic POTENTIAL"...!!! I obvouisly had not had enough coffee to adequately proof what I wrote. 🤦🏼‍♀️