Friday, April 1, 2022

April 1st... No Foolin'

I've only been up for an hour, don't expect great things from me.  

I don't do pranks.  Or practical jokes.  Which I don't think are 'practical' anyway.  And they're usually mean.  So no.

I did see something cute in the April Fools category this morning, though.  A woman saved all her Amazon boxes and then left them sitting outside her front door for when her husband got home.  I guess so he'd think she ordered all that stuff.  I hope he was good-natured enough to not go off on her for her spending.  That right there would be ground for divorce.  Hubs would look at all those boxes and ask if we won the lottery.  LOL

For my part, today is the 18th anniversary of the day I saw Hubs in person for the first time.  Monday is the 9th anniversary of the day we moved into this house.  It's a nice time of year for us.  We certainly don't need pranks to harsh that.

What about you?  Do you prank?  Are you hiding from pranks today?


  1. Instead of stacking up those boxes to freak out LG, I'd do it in hopes of luring in porch pirates.

    Happy Meet Cute anniversary. And 9 years!?!?! I remember when y'all were looking for a place on line, bought there "sight unseen" and moved. Holy cow. Time certainly does fly.

    We don't do pranks. Well...except to Only when she was a kid. She wanted a video camera one year for Christmas so LG got up on the roof and filmed his boots walking around the chimney so the footage was there when she opened the camera. Another time, she was being a total turd so he created an "acceptance letter" to the "Sisters of Perpetual Order School." The nuns were all retired Marine Corps. He created a logo, letterhead, and even had the envelope franked. The look on her face was priceless. Best acting job of my life not cracking up. I think she's hated us a little bit for that--not that we pranked up but that she fell for it. She was 11 and thought she was all cool and smart and stuff. Sadly, she is our daughter and I fear for poor Stormy. She's already started a little on him but that's because the kid is so dang smart. We parents gotta get our bluff in early, right?

    Happy April Fools Day. I have bunches of daffodils now and I'm hoping for a bumper crop of wisteria too, though I haven't actually check the vines for bracks yet.

    Time for me to get to work even though my heart isn't eactly in it. Still, supid to have 4 books off the market for any length of time so I need to suck it up, buttercup. Have a great weekend. Supposed to be rain tonight but then nice for the rest of the time. I'm ready for some sunshine and warm temps!

  2. Happy Meet and Move Anniversaries!

    No pranks for me. But my sense of humor is dry. Maybe desiccated. I avoid humorous books because I rarely get the joke, or think it's just plain mean.

    Cleo has decided I *might* be the boss. Maybe. But like any teenager, I expect she'll push the boundaries for years. And like any old grandma, I'll let her get away with most of it. ;-)