Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Spring is Here

 Here's a Spring-y picture for you.  (Taken with my cellphone while out on one of my walks.)

There's nothing quite like a redbud tree to announce Spring.  So pretty.


  1. Pretty! Random fact: Redbuds are the state tree of Oklahoma. My redbuds are just now budding out. I had a bumper crop of daffodils when they finally bloomed. I have one red tulip. And between Sunday and Monday, my wisteria burst in bloom! If the sky is blue today, I'll grab a pic. It's amazing. One of the vines hasn't bloomed--different flower bed and "treet" support. At least not yet. I'm waiting on the blue bells now. I used to have a few hyacinths but they haven't popped up in awhile.

    And it is, indeed, spring. I've turned off the heater and opened the windows. I'm just hoping I don't have to turn on the AC yet! LOLOL

    Have a great day and enjoy the beauty outside your window.

  2. Great photo! I love redbuds.

    It's late spring here, and all my blossoms have blown away. The wind has been a bit ferocious.