Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sunday Update - Week ???

Not sure what week it was.  Hey, I'm lucky I remembered it was Sunday.  Needless to say, my gumption has flat dried up, along with my will.  I really need to pull myself up by my own bootstraps and get over it.

I got about 1400 words out on the 4th SCIU book, so that's something.  It's a scene out of order, but a writer's gotta do what a writer's gotta do. 

In reading news, I finished 3 books and DNF'd another.  

On the baking front, I made granola bars, pizza, and super-fudgy brownies (recipe below).  

As for activity, I did some weeding and yard work, but nothing much.  Weight is, of course, back up a little at 182.0  You can't eat brownies and sit on your ass all day and expect to lose weight.  Jus' sayin'.  

It's April in the Ozarks, so that means wind and rain.  As such, we brought little Elmer the elm into the sun porch.  He's getting so big (for varying definitions of big) and he now has little branches with lots of leaves, but his root base isn't very deep or sturdy, so wind is not his friend right now.  Cecil and Cedric (the twin cedars) are short enough to weather all this, so they're still on the deck.  Not sure when we'll go ahead and try putting all of them in the ground.  I worry the deer will eat them, but at some point, I have to stop being a helicopter gardener and let them go.  

Yesterday, in the shower, I got water in my ear and now I can't hear good on my right side.  Unfortunately, Hubs sits to my right, so there's a lot of 'huh?' going on this morning.  

Oops, got distracted and never posted this... Sorry...  How was your week?



  1. Brownies sound sooooo good! It's probably a good thing I can't eat wheat.

    You are a good plant parent. I bought a peach to replace the dead apricot, but when I went to plant it, the bottom of the hole was still filled with water. I buried, I mean, planted it anyway, but I worry this tree will drown, too. I need to figure out a way to make it drain better. Heck, to drain *at all*.

    We're having high winds, too, and I blame my headache on that. There's a good chance of rain tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    I didn't manage to do any illustrations this week, but I typed in a good chunk of text. When my head clears up I'll scan in the 15 illustrations I picked out. Hm, might have gotten carried away there, but it's mostly multiple views of 5 or so dresses.

    Wishing you a better week ahead!

  2. I have no clue what week it is either. I only know it's Sunday because I looked at the channel guide. I write out of order all the time. All those scenes know where

    I totally vegged out today. Stayed in bed, dozing one and off. We had storms last night. OSU ended up with a double-header today. They won.

    LG is still leaving the garage door up about 8 inches for Pete. He's taking advangage. LOL

    I finished RESCUE MOON. Then decided I hadn't. I meant to finish it today but...slug-o-matic. I'm going to set up my blog and then probably go back to bed, though I really should shower and wash my hair. I'll do that before actual bedtime.

    We got about an inch of rain from the storms. We desperately needed it and all the heavy stuff went around us. No AC today--or tomorrow. Yay.

    Okay. Time for my tomorrow blog. Later tater.