Thursday, April 14, 2022

Thursday This n That

Facebook was actually useful this morning...

- Here's a pdf booklet on the care of wildlife so veterinarians can keep them alive while waiting on transfer to a rehabber.  (Never keep wildlife yourself.  Just keep them alive and as healthy as you can, but get them to someone who knows how to care for them ASAP.)  I saved it down because I never know when I might have to use the information.  I don't even know where there's a rehabber within 3 hours of here or whether any of my local vets take wildlife.  

- And here's the link to the YouTube videos of a child piano prodigy performing.  Definitely inspiring.  

I sat down to read a book last night and ended up DNF'ing 4 in a row.  I hate when that happens.

Trying to maintain a positive attitude is not an easy thing these days.  So, if you don't see me here or at your blogs, it's because I'm in a negative place and don't want to spread it around.  Negativity is a social disease, doncha know.  And penicillin don't help.

We had a death in the family.  It wasn't totally unexpected... I mean, the first part was kinda unexpected, but after that, we had a timeframe, so the very end wasn't a surprise.  It wasn't anyone close close to me.  I mean, I loved her and I remember her fondly, but it's not a deep hurt.  More like an 'aw, damn'.  Our moms and sibs and the kids are all fine and all that.  Sympathy cards have been purchased, flowers will be sent.  It kind of put me in a frame of mind to think about certain things, though.  Like not letting things, no matter how bad they may have been or may seem, keep you from communicating with the people who matter.  Unfortunately, it's a two-way street and both parties have to be on board with staying in touch.  But, yeah, dead is too late to repair the rift.  

We got like 2.3 inches of rain over the past few days.  Sploosh.  April showers bring May flowers.  And Mayflowers bring pilgrims. LOL

Amazon keeps trying to get me to sign up for Amazon Business.  Like that would be a thing for me.  Sure, I'm a business, but I don't really need business type stuff.  I'm down to the point where my expenses are almost nil.  Some printing costs - paper, ink.  Both of which I get at Wallyworld so I don't have to worry about shipping costs or time.  

Speaking of shipping, I ordered pesticide for the start of Tick-ma-geddon 2022.  The stuff was supposed to arrive from GA on Monday.  The tracking finally updated and it's headed this way from the hub in KS, but still no delivery date.  :shrug:  Why it went from GA to KS, passing MO entirely only to come back east, I have no clue.  The logistics is a nightmare.  Seems like a waste of fuel to me.  Eh, if I ran the world, it would've dropped into St Louis and then come here.  Like shipments out of TX always go past us into Kansas City and then come back south.  One would think if those dropped into Little Rock and then continued up, it would be so much more efficient.  :shrug:

And that's all I have to say about that.  I suppose I should get to doing something productive this morning.  But first! more coffee!

What say you on this fine morning?


  1. More coffee is always the answer. Condolences and yes, death is too late to fix things. Yay for that booklet, the kid, and rain. I wish we had some.

    Depression is a thing. And it sucks.

    Sometimes, the Technolocy Gods smile on me. That's cryptic but I need the whole story for my blog tomorrow.

    I've been devouring books instead of working. My bad. See note about depression.

    Pete spent the night in the garage. He also used the clean clothes in the basket for a litter box. *sigh* At least it's only one load and I have Oxy-clean in my detergent to deter the smell--which actually wasn't that bad. I WON'T be leaving clean clothes where he can get to them again.

    It's either feast or famine. Cardinals had 2 games postponed due to weather. Today, they play at 4:00. OSU plays at 6:00, as does OU. Bally, ESPN+, and Longhorn Network, which is on our U-Verse. I'll probably click between Cards and OU on "real" TV and stream the Cowgirls on my phone until a) Cards game is over and b) the Sooners are well on their way to winnng. They are playing Texas and the Red River Rivalry isn't just in football.

    Okay. Nothing else going on in my world. I need to check laundry, set out hamburger meat to thaw--making cheeseburgers for cinner, and more coffee.

    This too shall pass, whatever this is. Later, tater.

  2. Condolences on your loss.

    Congratulations on getting rain!

    Amazon wants me to sign up, too. No thanks. I have too much stuff to keep track of as it is.

    Mail has been weird and slow here, too. I'm giving the blame to DeJoy. It's been slow ever since he closed a bunch of sorting offices. Congress gave them more money recently, I think, so maybe the mail will get better.

    Etsy raised its fees around 1.5%. I haven't raised prices in over 20 years, except to keep up with postage, so I broke down and did over there. Haven't sold anything since. Of course, I didn't change prices on my website, and haven't had a sale over there lately either. Maybe it's just people getting stuck on inflation.

    Too bad about the DNFs! When I'm unhappy, my best place to hide is inside a book. I hope you find a great one soon!