Tuesday, April 26, 2022


Sorry I've been absent a lot from the interwebs lately.  I have a decided lack of gumption and I think my bookstraps are broke.  

In happier news, Elon Musk did it.  He bought Twitter.  Now, I'm not an Elon Musk fan, per se, because he's been a little free with the government subsidies over the years, but if he can turn this wholesale censorship thing around, I might revise my opinion.  Let's say I'm guardedly optimistic.  I might be able to dust off the old Twitter password and give it a whirl in the coming days.  It's probably been 4-5 years since I was on there. (My FB page posts to Twitter automatically, but I haven't actually been in there.)

I peopled too much yesterday.  First there was a flurry of emails with the pay-job.  Then after dinner, I noticed the neighbor out in their yard and I needed to chat with them about the possibility of rehoming some of my scads of irises.  They'll be happy to take them.  Yay.  But yeah, all that stuff is tiring to a hermit.

I keep forgetting that the people who moved into the new house next door have actually lived here longer than I have, so I have a tendency to offer bits of 'wisdom' about the neighborhood.  (The dude actually grew up here in the house behind ours.  And this house once belonged to his grandparents.  Derp.)  And then afterwards, I feel like a stoop.  Hopefully, they take it with the good-intent it is offered and don't think I think they're idiots.  I'm just a social retard.  I'll settle for 'that weird but nice old lady next door'.

The other day, a name from my past popped into my head.  He was the neuro-psychologist assigned to my case.  I wonder if he'd appreciate an email.  I never did thank him for all the work he did.

I might splurge today and buy dirt.  It's a little late to start a container garden, but I could try.  It was a lot of work last year for very little in the way of edible fruits of my labor.  Still, it gave me something to do and the illusion of productivity.  Sometimes it's all about the illusion, baby.  I'm also playing with the idea of putting veggies in my flower garden.  About the only things that survived the move are the peonies.  And, of course, irises.  Scads, I tell you.

Well, time to toddle off.  Feel free to drop anything from your own scattered brain in the comments.

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  1. Whoa! Blogger has updated or something. The comment section is tottaly different. Huh.

    I'm becoming a Musk fan and I love that he isn't actually "changing" staff and stuff for about 6 months. He'll have his people AND safeguards in place so no rogue woke employee can sabotage the site when they leave and if they try, he'll go after them legally. I'm all for that.

    I have peony buds. Yay! I need to start dripping nectar on them so the buds will bloom. I really need to gather up all my scattered irises and find one place for them. I get a few (like less than 5) to bloom each year. Maybe they're lonely. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Only has a mass of them blooming but they're all grouped together. Anyway...

    I hate peopling. Truly. Take today to recover! And yeah, I hear you on the gumption and bootstraps. I have spurts but it's like a 50 yard dash instead of a 5K run.

    Today is laundry, Stormy after school, and I am determined to finish the damn revisions on RESCUE. Gah! Okay. Time to get off the net and get to work. Right after I switch laundry loads and get more coffee.