Thursday, April 7, 2022

Thursday This n That

Yesterday, I was getting ready to copy a snippet of SSS to share on someone's blog and noticed a typo.  It's okay.  I fixed it in all iterations of the book and uploaded them all.  But seriously.... After all the times I went through this manuscript... :pulls out Harakiri knife:  

Is it still called Harakiri or is it Seppuku now?  Asking for a friend.

We voted on Tuesday.  Two different 'raise your taxes to pay for things we don't need' issues.  We, of course, voted no.  And both of them, of course, passed.  One raised the sales tax.  The other raised the property tax.  yay.  With most everything outside our control getting more expensive, I can't fathom why people would actively vote for a increase in expenditures we can control.  Derp.  There was also a school board member thing.  We didn't vote for anyone because we didn't think any of them had a clue.  The incumbents lost, so that says something about people around here recognizing something is wrong, but from what we read about the two who got in, it'll be more of the same.  I hope I'm wrong.

A 93c head of lettuce is now $1.78.

In happier news, my peonies are coming up.  Unfortunately, they seem to be the only plants that survived being out of the ground for an extended period of time.  Mums... columbine... lariopes... all appear to be dead.  :shrug:

Wait, I was supposed to be doing 'happier news' there.  Umm...  Elmer the elm tree is starting to make branches, so he's not just a stick with leaves anymore.  And the baby cedars - Cecil and Cedric - are coming along nicely.  

The deer are starting to show their pregnancies.  Yay, fawns!  

I've been following a wildlife rescue in Oklahoma - Wild Heart Ranch.  (If you don't do FB, here's their website.)  They're pretty awesome.  And they're fighting the good fight.  Helping animals that can't help themselves - hurt animals, orphaned animals - and then releasing them back into the wild.  They got a baby beaver in the other day.  It's black.  =oO  Definitely not your normal beaver color.  And they have this crow they raised and then released who is amazing.  She's a free crow, but she doesn't want to leave, and she even helps out around the place.  (When she's not stealing things and leaving them on the roof. LOL)

I actually did some writing last night.  It pretty much sucks, but I have permission to do that.  It'll all work out in the end.

And before I start down the unhappier road again, I'll let you go.  What's on your this n that radar today?


  1. Wild Heart is up by Claremore. Down here, we have Wild Care. Good people. They do lots of work with raptors in addition to all the other critters.

    Crows are funny. I caw at them to let them know I've thrown out dog food for their brunch. A few stop by. I've even left out shinies for them but no takers. Ah well.

    Pistol Pete is still around. He got into it with Shylock Cat (front porch feral) the other day so I suspect I'll never be able to introdue him to Loki. I'm hoping one of the rescues will call me after kitten season. The darn dude is fixed, affectionate to people, and litterbox trained. Easy to adopt! Also, he's very talkative. I need to take a pic of him.

    I got frustrated with revisions. I had to complete restructure the team Hawk is training and then who picks him up after the rescue. I also realized why writing in that particular author's world drove me a little bonkers. Her DH was supposedly military but her military facts were all BS. Anyway, that meant some other finagling. As a result, I'm only about half-way through when I should be done. I let myself get sidetracked and discouraged too easily.

    Sylvester Stallone is filming about six blocks away. Or at least a Paramount+ series he's starring in. Cool stuffs.

    I haven't seen signs of my peony yet but then its in an odd place. I'd move it but it took 5 years for it bloom after we moved in 20+ years ago. I have one I moved that never has bloomed. 😞

    It does look like the honeysuckle is budding out. Yay! I 💖 the fragrance of honeysuckle blowing in my window.

    Today is opening day! Cards play the Pirates at Busch Field. There will be Clydesdales and all the folderol. Sadly, game time is 3:15 and I'll need to be in line at school to pick up Stormy. At least I can stream the opening ceremononies on my phone with the Bally Sports app!

    Not much else going on. I really need to make myself re-engage with social media. But I don't wanna!!!! Don't make me, mom!!!! Yeah, yeah. Time to pull up my big girl panties and git 'er done.

    Later, tater!

  2. We vote in a month, and it looks like a Yes will bring property taxes *Down*! I'm not that trusting, so I need to do some research.

    All of my trees are starting to leaf out. Sadly, all of my blooms have blown away, but that's normal for this part of TX.

    I'm cold, and I can't seem to get warm. Which is ridiculous, since it's warm outside and reasonable in the house.

    Cleo is still a bouncing ball of energy. Except when she's asleep... We took a nap together today. :-)