Saturday, April 30, 2022

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 4/30/22

Howdy.  Here's my reading week in review...

I only picked up one new ebook this week, which is unfortunate because the DNFs mean I'm currently reading my last unread ebook.  Better get on the stick about that, eh?  No new hardcopies, even though I did stop at my go-to spot for old paperbacks.  Their stock was pathetic.  I blame winter and the fact that the summer people weren't here to make donations.  Here's hoping next time is better.

Books Read:

26) Grimstone by Brad Magnarella (4/27/22) - UF*# - 5 stars. new to me and underappreciated.  Free off the Book Barbarian newsletter.
Review: "
Interesting and exciting."
Note: Unfortunately, I wasn't in a wordy mood when I wrote that review.  It's really deserved more than that, but the time has passed and with it, the excitement I felt when I finished.
Available in Audio

25) Letter from the Dead by Jack Gatland (4/24/22) - Suspense* - 5 stars.  New to me but not underappreciated.  I snagged this for free after seeing it talked about in the Crime Fiction Addicts group on FB.
Review: " 
Excellent! Loads of twists and turns, filled with believable and sympathetic characters, excellent writing, just enough description to give a an idea of the setting without getting bogged down. And while the threads on the main story were tied up by the end, there's just enough of a tease to make any reader anxious to buy the next book. Plus, although Declan is a battered hero, he isn't broken. Well done."
Available in Audio.


4/29/22 - free - crime noir.  It was trying too hard to be noir, which made it kitschy but not in a good way.

4/27/22 - free - SF.  Gah, needed editing.  And a much finer hand with the info-dumping.  And to stop trying to check all the social justice boxes.  Strike three, you're out.

4/25/22 - cozy mystery - free.  It was like the author decided there wasn't a trope they didn't like and threw them all at the book, at once, in great handfuls.  Add in a TSTL heroine and an improbable storyline, and I moved along.

Currently reading... another suspense recommended by the Crime Fiction Addicts.  Wish me luck.

What was on your reading plate last week?  

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  1. Thank for the extra note about audio availability! I've added GRIMSTONE to my wish list. I do wish it was available from the library or on Hoopla but maybe I'll get some credits saved up. I had a decent week. I got through 4 books, so I'm at 55 books, which puts me 6 books ahead. Still on the Feehan Shadow Rider series marathon. Finished up the last of the previously published today. Next up is the new release, SHADOW FIRE. Imma gonna be lazy: All titles by Christine Feehan, all paranormal/UF romance, not new, not underappreciated. My mileage varied.

    55 - Shadow Storm (#6) - 3.5 stars
    54 - Shadow Flight (#5) - 4 stars
    53 - Shadow Warrior (#4) - 3 stars
    52 - Shadow Keeper (#3) - 4 stars

    Here's to good reading this upcoming week!

    Here's hoping you have better luck finding some good books!