Sunday, April 3, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 13

The thirteenth week... I guess I never noticed before it has April Fool's Day in it.  :cue spooky music:  Ahem... Anyway...

There was writing, but not a lot of it.  1796 words.  Woohoo.  Then I hit a patch of 'why bother?' and skidded out, went in a ditch, and hit the proverbial tree.  I did spent some time working on a marketing thing, which also went in the ditch.  The only thing productive I actually accomplished this week was getting SSS into print format, uploading it, and ordering the proof copy.  That should be here like Friday.  I think.  If the mails are running the way they should and Amazon doesn't fuck something up.

I finished reading two books last week.  And then I started The Three Musketeers, which is slow going, but good.  It's a big book.  :shrug:

On the baking front, I did granola bars, cake cookies, and zucchini bread. Nothing new or exciting, but yummy.

In activity news, I was active 4 out of 7 days.  Wandering the yard, working in the woods, doing a hard target walk, and deep cleaning the fridge.  (And if you think cleaning the fridge isn't active, you've obviously found an easier way to do it than I have.)  I'm up to 13 miles walked for the year.  Weight: 177.6 - so eating less and getting more active is working.  Imagine that.

Speaking of cleaning the fridge... I actually started out yesterday with the idea of deep cleaning the whole kitchen.  In determining the plan, I realized that I couldn't do the floors until I did everything above the floors... natch... and that goes for counters, too.  Well, one of the things above the floor that desperately needed a cleaning was the fridge, so I filled the sink and dove in.  I moved everything out of the door and onto the shelves inside the fridge, then took out all the little shelvey things.  Closed the door and washed those.  Then I washed the inside of the door.  Dried the shelves and put them back.  Refilled those with all their stuffs.  Did the same with the drawers.  Then the big, heavy, glass shelves.  Moving everything around inside the fridge and then putting it back as I went.  In the end, nothing was out of the fridge for very long and the damn thing is clean.  Then I did the outside of the fridge.  Of course, by the time I got done with all that, I was pooped.  I didn't do the freezer, but it's pretty clean anyway.  Today, I'll finish the kitchen or die trying.  *

I also cleaned the coffee maker yesterday.  This new maker beeps when the coffee is done.  And when it needs cleaning, it beeps before the coffee is done, so that's how I know to clean it.  About once a month.  Which is what the specs for this thing say anyway.  

It must be Spring because I'm starting to see bunnies when I'm out walking.  Yay.

Okay, it's time again to take myself in hand.  I've been letting everything get to me and when everything is getting to me, I have a tendency to let the things I need to do slide.  Housework, yardwork, work-work, etc.  I've started cleaning, so that's something.  Now I need to get back to writerly pursuits as well.  Today.  Now.  Alright, maybe not NOW.  It's early and I'm gonna need a lot more coffee before I do anything productive.  

What did your week look like?  How's things?  

* I did our taxes instead.  Now I don't feel like doing anything.


  1. Yay for all the good stuff and I hear you on the writing stuffs. You know what happened to me last week and I'm still bummed and depressed about it because those 3K words were good ones, dammit, and I'll be freakin' lucky if I can rebuild them. That book ain't Steve Austin.


    Yesterday was beautiful and siren test went good then awesome lunch. Baseball Boy was absent--they're in a tournament but Only and Stormy were fun and Jake was awesome as always. Took a long nap and then watched my OSU Cowgirls on big ESPN. They won. Yay.

    I slept wrong and now I have a painful knot/hitch under my left shoulder blade that only hurts when I move anything but my fingers. Good news, I can still type. Bad news, every breath I take...ugh. Still. Revisions must be done. If I can't work it out soon, I'll dig out my chair massager cushion thing and see if the shiatsu balls will help.

    Not much else going on. Supposed to be another pretty day until the rain comes in later. We need it so no complaints. I need more coffee and then time to work.

    Later tater.

  2. Getting taxes done is a top priority!

    The cardinals are flitting, the roadrunners are dancing, and all the songbirds are tootling like it's Spring. :-)

    Lately my top priority has been taking naps. I need to pull my energy levels up. But I got a huge pattern order this weekend through my website, so I'm a happy camper.

    I didn't get as much work on the book done as I'd like (see naps above), but I wasn't a complete slouch. Will try to do better this week.