Sunday, April 10, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 14

Hello again.  We're 14 weeks into this bad devil called 2022.  Things are exponentially worse than they were on 1/1/20 and the crap seems to be picking up speed as we roll merrily along toward the dark and fiery pits.  Yippee and weeee.  Keep your hands inside the ride at all times.  

Okay, so writing last week was pathetic.  I mean, I wrote, which is better than some weeks, but only 663 words and the result was not good.  And now I'm in a slump.  

No editing or marketing either.  

I read two books and most of a third.  I also made some small progress on The Three Musketeers.  Long book, but I'm determined.

Not much happened in the baking sphere either.  Cake cookies and then scalloped potatoes with cheese and ham.  

On the activity front, I did one walk.  And yesterday, I deep cleaned my bathroom.  Well, most of my bathroom.  I lost gumption before I did the floor, and the light bar over my bathroom counter still needs to be washed.  But man, my shower sparkles.  By the way, if you've never used Invisible Glass, it really took the gunk off my old bathroom tiles.  (I'm pretty sure what I used it for was 'off label', but hey, it worked and no harm done.)  Oh, and since I have been unable to find Soft Scrub in any variety but Bleach, which I can't use because it eats my hands, I picked up a container of my old-old standby Barkeeper's Friend.  Awesome stuff.  It just requires more elbow grease than Soft Scrub.  Needless to say, I am a bit worn out today.

Has anyone seen Spic and Span in the dry form anywhere lately?  I used to love that stuff.  But I digress...

I started out last week by doing our taxes.  That is sure to drain the life right out of you.  So maybe that's why my week was so unproductive.  Did the taxes, sent them in, and by the end of the week, the state refund was in.  Wow.  Go, Missouri.  

I've been cutting Hubs hair.  I mean, I've done my own for years, so why not?  I did that on Monday after I got back from grocery shopping.  This time looks pretty good.  (Last time, was passable, but he had like a divot on the side there until it grew out.)  Thank goodness for the clippers I bought years ago to use on Max the cat.  Anyway, there's 18 bucks we're not spending every 6 weeks.  Yay.

Elmer the elm tree has lots of leaves and is getting baby branches.  So are Cecil and Cedric the cedars.  

And that's about all there is for me.  I lead such an exciting life.  Even more so now that gas prices are too high to warrant going anywhere.  How was your week?


  1. Woohoo, I'm back! BlogLovin hasn't worked for days, and Blogger didn't want to let me comment. Hoping it works now.

    My crape myrtles are leafing out. Yay!
    Everything is leafing out except my apricot, but I haven't given up on it yet.

    I need to clean my bathroom better. Hm, everything better. All I want to do is take a nap, but Cleo is camped out on the bed. The WHOLE bed, or as much as she can stretch out to take over. ;-)

    I got a fair bit of work done this week. Nothing to brag about, but at least I didn't sleep the week away.

    I hope you recover your mojo soon!

  2. I still haven't signed the 2022 contract. Just sayin'...

    I've been a slug all week. And all weekend. Brain fog is a thing. I totally need to get over myself.

    Yay for ESPN+ so I can watch my OSU Cowgirls play softball.

    I did manage about 600 words.

    I hate social media.

    I hate the world situation and the stupid people who keep trying to cram their beliefs down my throat. Free speech means the other half gets to talk too! Anyway...

    I need a nap. Excpet I've been in bed all day. Still...

    And yes, I'm fine, just carrying a mad on for most of the world. Kinda makes me sad I'm not a black witch. Just sayin'...

    Oh, and I really need to find a home for Pistol Pete. He's too cool a cat to remain a stray.

    Here's a more uplifting week, yeah?