Sunday, October 31, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 43

 Hi there!  I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning and I'm jacked up on coffee!  Yay!  And now it's time to wrap-up last week and look forward to next, so let's do this thing...

I didn't get any writing done, but that's okay because I'm not in a writing place right now.  What's not okay is that I didn't get much other writerly stuff done either.  Half a page of edit notes entered and a few hours of attempting to get things ready to load in Draft 2 Digital, at which point I got frustrated and went into the woods to make firewood.  I'll attempt the D2D thing again today.  And I'll talk more about that tomorrow on Outside the Box.

I did manage to get some reading done this week.  Yay!

In baking news, I made To Die For Coffee Cake - with the Butter Pecan cake mix as originally and most beautifully intended*.  Yummers.  (Recipe here.)

As for activity... Like I said above, I made firewood yesterday.  I also threw logs and dragged logs, all of which made up for 4 of my 5 active days this week.  The other day was devoted to unclogging the drain in our kitchen sink.  Yes, that counts.  Unfortunately, I gained two pounds.  I blame the cake.  And the ice cream.  Or rather the 'frozen dairy dessert' I bought at the Dollar General.  Weight: 181.6

I would've been more active, but the weather wasn't cooperating this week.  Splooshy splooshy rain for three days.  Yeah, I could've done something inside, but after working outside, riding the exercise bike is boring.

Oh, while we were out throwing logs, etc., we saw Chester Chipmunk running around in the woods gathering food for the coming winter.  So cute!  Yesterday, he actually came right up to where Hubs was working on reorganizing under the house and watched for a while before Hubs got too close and even then, Chester didn't run far away.  Such a good little critter.  I may have to take some birdseed down to where he's gathering and give him a nice treat.

One of the bigger bucks wandered through, lookin' for lurve.  I didn't get a good look at the rack, but he was built like a brick shithouse.  The girls aren't quite ready for him yet, though.  They can't be bothered with romance and prefer to just eat.  

In other news, I received an interesting letter via email.  I'm sure the sender thought they were being helpful.  However, unsolicited advice from strangers rarely goes off well.  (If you're here reading this blog and seeing my advice, it falls under the 'you asked for it' category.  I would never invade your space and send you an email with advice unless you asked for it.)  I spent some time thinking about how to reply - when I should've been sleeping - and ultimately deleted the email unanswered.  No good can come of engaging.  As for taking the advice, I can only say that at this point, to follow the advice I was given, I would need a big bag of moolah for new cover art and rebranding and a big marketing thing.  If you're a wealthy philanthropist, donations are always welcome via PayPal**.

Oh, crap, I just realized it's Halloween.  Happy Halloween!  I was supposed to do some marketing things this week to take advantage of the holiday, but I crapped out on that.  I also don't really celebrate since I don't have a kid anymore.  (I still have Owl, she's just not a kid.)  I thought about buying a pumpkin, but more for baking purposes than decor for the day.  If you're into Halloween and/or have kids and grandkids, have fun tonight!

And on that note, I'll let you go enjoy your day.  Time for me to try and hit the D2D thing again.  Maybe I'll have better luck and more patience.  ;o)

How was your last week?

*to borrow a phrase from The Philadelphia Story.

** totally kidding there... I probably still wouldn't make the changes, even if I won a cool million in the lottery.  But if you ARE a wealthy philanthropist, I wouldn't mind having a silent and anonymous benefactor of my arts.  ROFL


  1. I was up and down last night too. And the night before and...well, par for the course. Hope the frustrations lessen today. Yay coffee, critters, and cooking.

    There was a week. And a weekend. I got minimal amounts of writing done. I did get all the books I still have in Kindle Unlimited marked (and alerted) on my digital calendar. I have about two weeks to decide if I'm pulling them off KU and going wide. My page reads are way down and I didn't get one of those letters.

    It's been chilly but so far I've managed to not turn on the heater. Tonight? Yeah, I think I'll have to. That means futzing with the stupid smart thermostate. Ugh. I need to find the instructions to see if there's like a way to do seasonal settings. LOL

    Book listening's been okay. TV mostly sports. Dear Braves, I want you to win but can you stretch the World Serious out to 7 games? If you win tonight, baseball is over until next spring. ☹

    Yesterday was Only B-day. The James Gang met at family restaurant and chowed down on pizza. Well, they did. I had a grilled chicken Caesar and like a plate and a half of fried mushrooms. Only got a cool present. We got hamburger. Long story. (Uncle Fix-It buys beef by the cow...)

    Not much else going on. I'm thinking a nap is in order for this afternoon. Or maybe I'll actually do so writerly admin-type work. Or nap...

    Hang in there and here's hoping for a prodcutive week for us all!

  2. Happy Halloween!

    And happy fall weather, though it sounds like mine has been better than yours. Other than the wind rumpling up a bunch of roof shingles. Hopefully I'll get the roofers out before it rains. On Wednesday... Hmm, I might be in trouble.

    Yay for Chester Chipmunk! LOL to the buck. The three deer that like to play in my meadow came back to romp around. They looked like they were having so much fun!

    I didn't get much work done, between Mom's closing, the wind knocking the electricity out, and I've forgotten what else. I plan to do better this week. Honest!