Friday, October 15, 2021

Am I Blue

I had great plans for this morning, but as I was checking out a map to see where exactly the tornado warning was in relation to me (it wasn't headed my way, btw), my monitor screen suddenly acquired a blue cast to it.  I've spent the past hour trying to make it not be blue, so there goes my train getting all derailed and junk.  

Of course, I haven't succeeded.  The monitor company isn't even supporting this model anymore and it's not even that damn old.  I tried to find somewhere else to get the damn manual so I can at least try to see if I can fix it myself.  Oh, it's out there, but it keeps getting hung up and I keep having to re-prove I'm not a damn robot.  

Luckily, it's not the computer.  I plugged in my old computer which, due to my being lazy, is still sitting underneath my new computer (year old is to new), and it's blue, too.

Hubs told me to just go buy a new monitor.  Feh.  Not until all other options are exhausted.

Unfortunately, I'm exhausted already.  And trying to see everything in a slight blue tint isn't helping.

I so did not need this today.

To end on a positive note, the edit notes for Untitled Fantasy are almost done.  I was at like 95% last night but it was bedtime and I wasn't in the mood to stay up, even to finish that little bit.  I'll get it today and then start entering the changes.  On this bluish screen, if I have to.  =op

How's your morning going?


  1. We had a close encounter of the skunk kind. Luckily, it ducked behind a tree and decided not to let go with a fully-charged blast. Still, the scent remains in the air so I'm spraying skunk-spray killer on dogs, rugs, mats, floors, etc. and air freshener in the air. We were lucky. The darn thing was less than 3 feet away.

    More storms last night--mostly straight-line winds. We got heavy rain. The hard wind stayed south.

    Dodgers beat the Giants in a hellava game.

    It's 8:30 and I already need a nap.

    I hope to actually "read" the rest of MONTANA MOON today, which is what I should have done in the first place since it had been 3 years since the last read-thru. I'd planned that yesterday but Stormy was here. Other things, like a game of Baby Yoda Monopoly was more important. Reading today. Fixing today. Or tomorrow. We'll see.

    Hope you get your monitor figured out. Personally? I'd just get a new one. Same thing happened to one of LG's. He spent almost as much on trying to repair it as the new one cost. Add in his frustration and lack of productivity? Woulda been cheaper and easier to just buy another. I'm with Hubs on this one. Sorry, Charlie.

    Hope your weekend perks up. And glad the tornado warning isn't you! Hang in there. Later, tater.

    1. I just got home from picking up a new monitor. The smallest they had was 22". It's HUGE... you know, compared to my old 17". Blerg. But it's not blue, so life is okay.

      I need a nap, too. Yay for playing games with Stormy. You'll get Montana Moon figured out. YUCK about the skunk. We got winds and rain, too. Blech. Have a great day! :hugs:

  2. Hugs on your monitor woes. I hope you can fix it! There are so many almost-hidden buttons on the darn things; bump one and everything gets messed up.