Tuesday, October 12, 2021

It's a Strange Place Out There

 The world has become such a strange place.  Maybe it was always strange and the internet helps everyone see just how strange, but I don't think so.  The internet's been around long enough now that we should've seen the strangeness years ago.  Nope, this is newer and stranger than ever before.

For instance, this morning I saw a dude commenting on an underwater photo of a kingfisher diving, saying the pic was contrived and disgusting and he was near to vomiting.  I'm not sure if he was objecting to the fact that it was probably taken in a closed setting and not in nature.  Or if he thought someone was drowning that poor bird.  Maybe he was pro-fishy.  Maybe he objected to the fact that the bird missed its meal and would go hungry.  Who the hell knows with people these days?  

I'm guessing based on his geographical location and the overwhelming number of leftists there that he objected to the bird be objectified.  Or something. 

It hurts my brain to try and figure out what's in other people's heads.

Perhaps he was just uninformed.  Kingfishers eat fish.  They have to dive underwater to do this.  It's actually pretty neat to watch and no birds are harmed in the diving.  If the birds are lucky, fish are harmed, but they're fish.  And birds gotta eat.  And those fish probably eat other smaller fish who in turn eat smaller life forms.  Generally, fish aren't herbivores.  

Whatever the reason, this gentleman felt the need to express his disgust to the world.  As if the world gives a great goddamn about it.  'Oh no, some random dude hates that picture, let's take it down.'

I hope the page posting the picture doesn't take it down.  I hope the photographer they credited doesn't experience a shitstorm over it.  It was a beautiful picture.  (I can't share it here, I don't have permission.)  But that's the world we live in now, where anyone can express outrage for no real reason and a shitstorm will follow.

Also, at any time and for any reason, he or she or you or me could get our internet presence blocked or deleted or banned.  Hell, I got a ban from Blogger because they said I violated some rule I hadn't violated and then I had to beg for my blog back.  There wasn't even a 'pardon me, but we believe you might've' message beforehand.  Just BAM and it was gone.  

Any of them can do this to you.  If I disappear one day, you'll know why.  I said or did something someone found offensive.  :shrug:  

I miss the old days when people weren't so damn offendsensitive.  


  1. Wow. Just...wow. I'd dearly love to cancel the cancel culture. The hypocrisy abounds over there. Free speech is only for them. It's their way or the highway. Money's made on trees so nobody work and we'll get rich. All the little special snowflakes will get a wake-up call one of these days. Imma gonna sit on my front porch, waving my cane, and yelling for them to get offa my lawn, all the while laughing at their crocodile tears.

    I hate social media but we're stuck with it now. And yeah, sadly, I have to keep my head down and my thoughts to myself because I need to put food on my table and pay my bills.

    The whole world reminds me of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4N3N1MlvVc4

    Hang in there. There are voices out here in the wilderness. Thanks for being one. *hugs*

  2. People have become so... delicate. I can't imagine why he'd complain about a water bird fishing, but people complain about everything these days.

    If blogger zaps you again, email us and WE'LL beg for you to come back. Maybe two or three extra voices will at least get you a second hearing.

    I hate social media!