Saturday, October 30, 2021

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 10/30/21

Hi there!  Finally a week worthy of your visit!  

I didn't get any new ebooks this week, but I did swing by the thrift store.  Got a Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker omnibus and an Agatha Christie I didn't already have.  Yay.  I still have four unread ebooks leftover from before - a suspense, a mystery, and two romances.

Anyway, I'm so glad to be reading again.  Yay!

Books Read:

54) The French Fraud by Myrtle Morse, Ruby Loren (10/29/21) - Mystery*# - 5 stars.  New to me and at fifty Goodreads reviews, it just meets my criteria for underappreciated.  Picked up free from Reading Deals.
Review: "Cute and twisty mystery with plenty of fun stuff and interesting characters."

53) Centaur Aisle (Xanth #4) by Piers Anthony (10/26/21) - Fantasy - 5 stars.  Neither new to me not underappreciated.  Saw in the book rack at Dollar General for $3 amd just had to snap it up.
Review: "Just as awesome as I remembered it."

52) Canyons of Night by Jayne Castle (10/23/21) - Paranormal Romance* - 5 stars.  New to me but not underappreciated.  I was given a copy of this by a friend.
Review: "This was a pretty good book. Probably would've been better if I'd read the preceding books, but I can't fault it for that. I enjoyed the characters and the premise was interesting. The plot was solid and I enjoyed the romance. All in all, worthy of five stars."


10/27/21 - free - mystery.   The book started out okay.  A little reminiscent of a show I watched on Masterpiece Mystery, but passable.  Then I got a several paragraph dissertation on how awesome the prisons were in European Country vs how awful actual punishment was elsewhere and moved on to the next book.  Unfortunately, I had already also downloaded the sequel which I no longer have any interest in reading.  Bummer.

10/27/21 - free - mystery.  OMG, seriously.  I was trying really hard to wade through this, because it had a solid premise and some good writing.  The hard part had to do with the MC's strange affectation of breaking into Hispanic slang even though he was a white dude with a Wonder Bread last name.  I tried, but after he did something profoundly stupid and then claimed to be a Law & Order addict, I had to shut the book.  Come on, man.  If you ever really watched L&O, you'd know what you were doing was stupid.  Writer shoulda known better.  Meh.

Currently reading... After I finished the mystery, I dove into one of my the Douglas Adams omnibus.  I might only read one book in it before moving on to something else.  First up, the book that began it all - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Hopefully, it's as awesome as I remember.

What was on your reading plate this past week?  Looking forward to anything awesome?

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  1. I'm at 171 books on the year, 6 ahead of my challenge. I finished 5 books, closing out Dannika Dark's Seven series with CHARMING, ONE SECOND, and WINTER MOON--all 5 stars. Then I shifted into the spin-off Black Arrow series and listned to THE VOW and THE ALPHA. Both got 4.5 stars. THE ALPHA is the latest release. I really like the hero and the heroine was okay but she really got on my nerves at times. There's lots of sequel bait here so I'll be back in about 12 months with the next latest release. LOL They're all paranormal romances, not new-to-me or underappreciated. I'm in headspace where I need the familiar.

    Anyway, rather than moving onto another new release (one I have some apprehensions about) in a fave series, I defaulted to a previously read series (trilogy?) as the 3rd in the series released not long ago. It's the Diablo Lake series by Lauren Dane. It's not as sexy as her other paranormal romances and I'm okay with that! Small town in the Smoky Mountains shared by witches and werewolves. It's sort of Southern Paranormal. The heroine's name is Katie Faith Grady and nobody calls her just Katie. It's always Katie Faith. I laugh because it's sooo true! Anyway, there's interesting worldbuilding, the good guys are sticky sweet and the bad guys are easy to dislike. It's a nice bit of fun. They're available from my library and/or Hoopla so free to me. Dane is not unknown or underappreciated but this little series sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

    I'm off to see if I can give blood today. Last week, my hemoglobin level was a .1 too low. I've been eating foods high in iron and taking an iron supplement in hopes it's up enough to give. I want the free A1C test and Covid antibody test their doing and this is the last weekend. Also, there's a glow in dark shirt involved. LOL

    Happy reading!