Thursday, October 28, 2021

Thursday This n That

 I woke up this morning to a dead coffee maker.  Poor Hubs was making coffee by boiling water in the teakettle and then pouring it over the grounds in the machine.  He had about a half a pot ready for me when I woke up.  Then I went into the storage closet and pulled out the backup machine.  Yes, I have a backup coffee maker.  It's an older one that wasn't quite dead when I bought the new one, so I tucked it away for emergency usage.  So, we have coffee and the world is still safe.  You're welcome.

I will be going out and picking up a new coffee maker today.  Because the backup could die without warning and no one wants that.  I drink coffee and smoke cigarettes for your protection.  Again, you're welcome.

I also have instant.  For larger emergencies.

So, I finally heard back from Amazon about my missing page reads.  They're still not paying me for those, but Amazon assured me my account is in good standing.  Umm... yeah.  So, because they (or their bots) decided someone was using KU to... what, fake read books?... I'm screwed.  I'll talk more about that tomorrow.

It's totally splooshy here.  Big band of rain stretching from the Gulf to Canada and it's sort of stalled, so it's wet wet wet here.  I'll need to find something else to do rather than throw logs for a while I guess.

I did do some edit notes yesterday.  A half page worth.  Which sounds pathetic until you realize on that half page were a couple of things that needed to be changed in the whole book.  Find and replace is a wonder, but each instance had to be carefully reviewed and reworded to make it work.  One of them was the hair color of an important secondary character.  And there was another character with the same hair color, so I had to make sure I was changing the right person's hair.  Blerg.  The other was how the mages address each other.  Yeah, still sounds easy when I type it out, but it wasn't.  What it was was tiring and tedious.

My luck has truly sucked lately.  My poker account went from 330mil to 120mil.  And I'm not doing anything different.  Just getting a heapin' helpin' of bad luck.  Thankfully, it seems to only be in the poker.  Not that my luck is awesome elsewhere, but at least it's not bad.  :knock on wood:

I had a dream the other night that made me totally not want a dog.  Something about two little yappy dogs and my entire house covered in urine and feces.  :shudder:  But I'm over it.  I want a dog again.  I like the looks of this one.  Or this one.  Or this one.  Or this cat.  

And that's about enough out of me this morning.  Have a great day.

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  1. Oh the horrors! And I've totally made coffee by heating water in the kettle and pouring over the grounds when the electricity is out. That's why I have a gas stove. I can still make coffee and cook/heat food. Speaking of, I need another cup. BRB

    So. Monday is November 1st. That means NaNoWriMo. Which means I need to get BICHOK every friggin' day. No shoulda-could-wouldas allowed. I've also set December 1st at the deadline for release of MISTLETOE AND MOONSHINE. It's a short novella--only about 12-15K words. And a cover. I may try to make my own cover, but there's a logo that has to be added and I'm not sure how to layer but I'm hoping Book Brush has an app for that. I think I'm going to steal the image from last year's freebie Christmas short.

    Speaking of covers, still waiting on Only to get MONTANA MOON updated. I'm telling myself that's why I'm stalled on the revisions. It's not, but it would be incentive. If I knew how, I'd just design a Moonstruck Wolf logo and simply superimpose it on the logo that has to come off. That's the only change, except Only's life is like mine and she can't find the original file. 😔 *deep sigh*

    Speaking of weird dreams, I had a doozie last night--a Siberian Husky shifter (teenager) and when he shifted back and forth his Converse high tops stayed on his back feet and his hands were covered by red baseball "oven mitts." Those are padded plastic(?) hand covers some players wear once they get on base and hand protectors for when they slide. Don't ask how those items managed to stay on canine feet. It was a dream.

    I made spaghetti last night. It was good.

    Wind was crazy last night. Supposed to be even crazier (gust to 60mph) today. We're on the backside of your rain. That's the system that came through here a dropped a couple little twisters here but did a number on Houston/SE Texas/Louisiana.

    Life is mostly boring.

    Oh, and while I never got a "letter" from Amazon, my KENP numbers have tanked over the past week. If this keeps up, I'll start taking ALL my books wide because what's the point if I'm not making anything off KU? Ugh. That means more work, but it also means that I can update the backmatter in all my books. Double-double ugh! 😱 *makes Home Alone face*

    Did I mention boring life? It's time to sign off when out start repeating myself. LOL

    Hang in there, stay dry, and later, tater.