Tuesday, October 26, 2021

News Bits and Other Junk

So, Cambridge University and the University of Florida have come together to sift through books and authors determining which ones might need a trigger warning.  Cuz, ya know, people shouldn't have to read things that upset them in any way.  Even if they're getting upset over things no one got upset about 10...20...100 years ago. Hell, some of these things are things no one got upset about prior to last year's election cycle.  And by the way, it's censorship, but they're not going to let that stop them.  Writers everywhere should be pitching a bitch, but it's crickets out there for the most part.  =o\

Hey, did you hear the latest thing about Fauci and the puppies?  Spoiler alert, it's not cute or nice.  I find it funny that all the people who have no problem whatsoever with what Fauci and his policies are doing to human beings are suddenly upset and surprised that his actions resulted in puppies being used as lab animals.  Beagle puppies, if I read it right.  Look out, Fauci, John Wick is coming for your ass now.

In happier news, I read a headline that talked about how quarterback Tom Brady tossed the game ball to a 9-yr-old cancer survivor he'd recognized in the stands.  That's nice.  Not a fan of Brady, but it's still a nice story.

In other news, a police K9 was shot over the weekend.  In the head.  It's okay, though, because the bullet glanced off the skull and didn't enter the brain.  Poor dog's skull got cracked, which has to hurt like hell, but he's expected to make a full recovery.  Last report had him out of the hospital and recovering at home.  Good dog.  I don't remember what happened to the suspect.  Hopefully, they lit him up and he's dead now.  If not, I hope they prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.

In my own news, I moved the entire pile of cast off limbs to the big brush pile this weekend.  While I was doing that I saw a tiny frog.  I tried to catch it and move it to a safer locale, but he disappeared into the limbs.  Here's hoping he hung on while I was dragging the limbs down to the pile and didn't get trod upon.

Hubs took a break from sawing firewood to reorganize the room under the house.  He built a shelfy-thing on which to lay lumber and stuff.  I haven't been under there since he finished, but I bet it looks nice.  

Note: Do not watch any of the Final Destination movies right before you help your spouse cut lumber.  The whine of the circular saw as it's approaching your unprotected fleshy bits will freak you out.  A little.  I obviously trust Hubs with my life, and he's the most careful and safety-conscious man alive, so I wasn't really worried.  But yeah, I shouldn't have watched any of that movie that morning.  LOL

How were things in your world this weekend?  Got any news to share?

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  1. I hope John Wick catches Fauci. I hope there is a very special place in hell for him and his ilk.

    Guess what, MLB! The World Serious will be played in Atlanta, GEORGIA! You know, that city and state that you penalized over the All Star game this year because of their new voter law? You know the one, right? The one that's MORE LIBERAL that COLORADO'S, which is where you moved the game? Karma is a witch!

    I don't do horror movies and seldom read it.

    I keep commenting on your stuff because my life is currently beyond boring. Between arthritis and eyes, I'm getting very little work done. I really want nothing to do with social media so I have to hold my nose and post occasionally.

    It's chilly. With storms tomight and more chill to come. I'm okay with that so long as the storm don't go severe after midnight--which is the forecast. I want to be dead asleep.

    I'm sure the little froggo is safely tucked in somewhere. And good on you for all the physical stuff!

    I seriously have no personal news to impart. Have an awesome day! LOL