Tuesday, October 5, 2021


So apparently Facebook went down yesterday for about six hours.  I noticed because as I play poker, I like to scroll through the feed when I'm not in a hand and when I tried, I got a note from my browser that there was no Facebook.  I shrugged and went on with my day.  I totally forgot about it until later when I clicked my link and in my feed people were talking about the outage.  Some people are joking that Facebook banned itself.  Others are joking that this outage was due to some whistleblower and Zuck needed to shut down to delete stuffs.  

Last night I made a dish for dinner using chicken, onions, baby potatoes, and mushrooms sauteed in butter with salt, pepper, and basil.  Dished it up and drizzled BBQ sauce over it.  Pretty yummy stuff there.  Hubs has been off chicken lately, but he said it was good, so there's a win.  Yay.

We're at that point in the year where I have no idea what to wear.  Too hot, too cold, too hot, too cold.  Shorts and then sweats and back to shorts.  Put on a sweater, take it off.  

I'm up to almost 300 million in poker now.  When you're playing with 20 mil at a whack, it's easier to go up quickly.  There's also the chance you'll go down just as quickly if you aren't careful... and lucky.  Like I was at 200 million and went down to 91 million over the course of a day.  And it took a couple weeks to get back to 200 mil.  :shrug:  Yesterday, I jumped from 245 to 298 thanks to a couple good hands and some other minor wins.  Waxed a couple of people when I went all-in with pocket aces.  That netted me 37 mil.  Got another 10 mil with a flush on the river.  I was third on the leader board for the week for that buy-in level last I checked.  Go, me.

My arms are still pretty much toast from the work I did.  This makes reading hard.  Holding up a book or an ereader for any length of time exacerbates the ouchy.  Typing for too long is also a no-no.  This is the excuse I'm using for not writing again yet.

Yes, mousing is also hard, but I try to limit that when I play poker.  And I don't play for too long at a stretch.  Play a little, take a break.  I think this might be the key to getting back to writing/editing.  Do a little, take a break.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  We'll give that a whirl today.  Maybe.

I cleaned my bathroom.  This is notable because I haven't done it in months.  Because reasons.  Now it's so pretty!  Makes me not want to take a shower in there and mess it up.  

I really need to cut my hair.  This, too, will mess up my bathroom with hair bits which I will have to vacuum up.  Which reminds me... I have to shave my legs, too.  Blerg.  Too much information?  LOL

And on that note, I'm going to wander off.  Got anything random to add?

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  1. Yay for the poker wins. Sorry about the arms. I hope they get better soon so you can read and such. Lets not discuss cleaning, umkay?



    I found Lucifer sleaping on one of the cat beds this morning at 5-something o'dark. He's a cool cat even if he's like a cartoon bully cat--all beat to hell and back (either he's a Scottish fold or his ears have pretty my been chewed off in cat fights.) Anyway, I'm convinced he's Loki's sire. Same white tummy markings, shape, and fur and they both flop, streatch and "Ikea cat" alike.

    Stormy's team lost 3-2 but he caught some of the pitched balls. That's a first!

    I got no writing done yesterday. I stared at the MS and my brain scrambled. I have no clue who to plug in for the characters I'm removing. Argh.

    When does DST hit again? And when we "fall back" does that mean it'll 6:30 now instead of 7:39? Which means I will consistently be awake at 4 a.m. instead of 5. Dear coffee gods, be kind to me.

    Speaking of, with inflation out of control I feel like I should start hording stuff like coffee and Diet Coke before it goes up any more. Bacon has almost tripled in price and my "suitcase" of DC went from just over $7 to almost $10. Bread is higher too and trying to find somethings on the shelves? Don't even get me started. At least there's toilet paper, paper towels, and Clorox wipes in abundance. Way more expensive, but available.

    Did I mention cornflakes? They are an ingredient in my Tuesday Treats and Titles today. I remember when there was like cornflakes, Cheerios, and...maybe frosted flakes? Seems like cornflakes were in all sorts of recipes so it's a bit of throwback Tuesday too.

    Okay, I finished on that last one because it's sorta funny and I don't want to harsh anyone's day too much. I'm off for another cuppa joe, and then to wander around like...who was the Greek dude with the lantern looking for an honest man? Yeah. Him. Gonna wander and see if my brain will wrap around an idea for Montana Moon.

    Later, tater! Win lots of play moolah!

    Diogenes! See? Coffee DOES help!