Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thursday This n That

I have had exceptionally slow internet for the most part of this week.  Like dial-up slow and worse.  When I do have internet, I'm trying to hit the high spots.  Alas, the blogs haven't been one of them.  Sorry about that.  CenturyLink dude was all like 'suck it'. Okay, that wasn't what he actually said, but that's what it boiled down to.  According to him, there's nothing wrong with our internet, so they refuse to send anyone out.  He kept talking about the DSL slowing down 'during peak times'.  I told him 'I don't know where you're at, but this started at 4 o'clock in the morning and we live in the middle of nowhere, so it's not a peak time here'.  We're looking at options.  Probably Hughes Net satellite internet.  Let's hope that doesn't suck, too.

Hubs is reading me reviews from Hughes Net right now.  It doesn't look good.  =o\

Aside from that, we've been throwing logs all week.  Woods work is extremely cathartic when you're frustrated as hell.  And sawing cedar smells good.  

I saw a teeny-tiny frog a couple days ago.  No clue what kind.  Brown.  And about the size of my pinky nail.  Itty Bitty Brown Frog... Ittibitticus brownius if you want to get technical.  LOL

The other day I went to the thrift store.  Picked up a framed mirror about ten inches long by 4 inches wide. Perfect for a spot in my bathroom where I wasn't sure what would work.  I also got another Vince Flynn novel that I already had.  (It's becoming a running gag now.)  And a set of home improvement books for free.  Cha-Ching.  Hubs was pleased with those.  And they had a new manager, which is awesome.  The last dude was the one who jacked up all the prices on everything.  I bet sales dumped and that's why he's gone.  Anyway, the new dude is way friendlier.  He's from Indianapolis and he has family in Michigan, which is cool.  

The thrift store is hiring.  I mean, they're always looking for volunteers, but this is for pay.  When I asked the oddly-haired (no hair should be that color) girl at the counter about the job, she leaned in and lowered her voice to let me know it was for... the back... which means moving furniture and stuff.  Like she was trying to warn me off.  ROFL.  If she only knew what I'd been doing all of September and part of August.  I have half a mind to go apply and get the job just to show that girl what an old lady can do.  I think it would be kinda fun working a thrift store.  But I'd have to get used to listening to Christian music all day.  It's hard enough to ignore while I'm shopping.  I wouldn't mind if it was GOOD, but it's rarely good.

Okay, time to see if this post will actually save and post.  Have a great day, if you can see this.  I'll be watching TV and throwing logs.


  1. It saved and posted. Yay. Boo on the internet deal. What a pain and when a company has what is basically a monopoly, they don't care. Hope you find a solution soon. Is there a memo app on your phone? When I was looking for hardbacks of the In Death series, I finally just listed the books I needed in my Note app and then I had it. In the alternative, slip a little notebook in your purse for quick perusal. Or keep on and switch to the better copy. LOL

    I didn't post today. Probably won't post tomorrow. Several long stories but the brain and body needs a break. (Eyes and I was leaning over the Walmart basket getting ready to lift a heavy bag when I unexpectedly sneezed. OWWWW!. Still having twinges and walking is fun.)

    In other news, I had one decent writing day. I managed 1K words in about an hour which is all I can stand to sit.

    Not much else going on around here. Lucifer is hanging around more. He comes to the door and meows at me until I get the screen door open. Then he baks off about two feet as does the "Loki Flop," shows his belly and rolls. Like son, like father.

    How can it be almost November?

    At least the weather is cooler. Except supposed to hit the 80s this weekend. Still, nights will be cool enough we won't need AC. Yay. I could use a few months with lower utility bills. Don't get me started on the idiots who want to do away with fossil fuels and go "all electric." *makes the same face as the chainsaw dude in the Geico commercial*

    On that note, I'll quit while I'm behind. I need to get up and walk before my back seizes again. Fun times. Hope your week improves! Later, tater.

  2. If Verizon is in your area, you can pick up internet through their cell tower. That's what I've done for years, and it works great. It's around $50/mo.

    Our good thrift store moved just before Covid hit, and I don't know where they went. The local Goodwill charges as much -- or more! -- as Walmart, so I stopped going there.

    I bet you could show that gal up, but I couldn't stand the music, either.

    Fall has arrived! It's a little warmer than usual, around 85F, but I'm loving it!