Thursday, October 8, 2020

Thursday This n That

Carrots wait for no one, so I pick them now, before they are eaten by some slobby cow.  If you sang it in your head, your childhood was awesome.  (It's Bugs Bunny, by the way.)

I stopped by the thrift store on Tuesday.  Snagged 12 books for $4 - 8 paperbacks and 4 hardcovers.  Yay.  I got an Alastair MacLean I didn't have.  And an Agatha Christie I needed.  I found a Michael Crichton I hadn't even heard of.  Oh, and a Phyllis Whitney for the collection.  I picked up a couple new-to-me authors and some old favorites, too.  I love thrift store day.  I also got the third book in a trilogy where I already own the second book.  The hunt for the first book is ongoing.  When I have them all, I'll read them.  Yes, I could just order the damn first book, but that's not the point.

To date, I have acquired 103 books this year and spent $22.70.  (The majority of which were free ebooks, by the way.)  Thus proving you don't have to spend a lot of money to read.  Ahem, yes, there are libraries, but I don't use them.  I don't like returning books.  I also don't like the fact that our libraries have become more internet cafes (minus the beverage) and daycare centers than actual places to revel in books.  But that's me.  If I want to read a book, I'll own the damn book.  If I like it, I get to keep it.  If I don't, I donate it to one of the local thrift stores so someone else can enjoy it. 

The mulching and bagging of leaves was a success.  Hubs plans to continue it throughout the leaf season.

This new blogger thingy is a pain in my ass.  It automatically puts a line between paragraphs, so I have to now adjust myself and stop putting in a line.  Which also means when I'm typing stuff elsewhere I have to adjust to put the line IN after I've typed something here where I don't have to put a line in.  Stupid.  Gah, why won't people just leave shit alone?

By the way, I still put two spaces between sentences in my writing.  Period, space space.  It's how I type.  Changing back to one space now would be a serious pain in my ass.  I fix this in my writing by having Word find the double space and change it to one space (Find: space space, Replace With: space) when I'm formatting my books for publication.  

We had another buck in the yard yesterday.  A spike.  I missed seeing him, but Hubs told me all about it.  Apparently, his spikes go straight up.  Pokey head.

Today's the last day for wearing my favorite t-shirt.  It's become so ratty, it needs to retire.  =o(  Sad how just when a shirt becomes the most comfortable, it's time to shift it to the dustrag bag.  

Okay, your turn.  This n that to your heart's content.

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  1. Yay for Hubs's brainstorm about leafs. Pokey head. 🤣 Yay for books. I love my library but I never go inside. It's all on-line. I only use it for digital stuffs and now mainly for audio, plus it gives me access to Hoopla, for more digital content. I've been burned on new authors so I go through the library first. If it's a keeper, I'll spend the money.

    Wordpress changed too. I hate it! And now in my RSS feed, my posts show up with the title and then the message: [no content]. If I click on the title, I get the content on my page, but not in the feed, which is where I read most the blogs I follow. I only click over when I'm going to comment. Like here. Anyway. I guess the MFers are gonna force me to use their stupid blocks. Guess I'll try that tomorrow and see if the content shows up. Grrr.

    In happier news, I've seen Smudge this week! He's been over for breakfast at least twice. I don't always look out the window at the right time to see who's stopping by for kibble. Was really happy to see him!

    As you know, I'm going great guns on the writing this week. I've done 8 chapters and late yesterday, I outlined what needs to happen before The End. Maybe today, except I have to get on the phone here in a minute to talk to my congressman's aide re: the Care stimulus check I never got. Fun times. Once that's done, back to words!

    Had to break down and turn the AC back on last night. We hit the upper 80s and normally, if the temps drop into the 60s at night, the house cools off. Except there wasn't any wind. So at bedtime, we turned it on. Made LG and the dogs happy.

    Not much else going on in my world. That's all this I've got. Hope you get some fishing in beteween the editing and chores. Later, tater!