Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday This n That

They have nicotine patches, which begs the question...  Why aren't there caffeine patches?  Man, I could really use one of those this morning.  Okay, several of those.  Don't judge.

Which reminds me of a funny I saw on FB yesterday... 'The idea of a domestic housewife implies that there are feral housewives.'  :gigglesnort:

The zucchini bread is almost gone for another year.  :sadface:  

Last night, Hubs and I watched Trump's rally in Gastonia, NC.  Wow.  The positive energy was palpable.  And it kind of restored my own positive energy - especially when there's so much negativity around these days.  If you haven't seen one, I'd totally recommend it.  Here, Newsmax was covering it. Not sure if anyone else was.

Years ago, a comedian (not sure which one... Carlin?  Williams?  Wright?) pointed out that the word politics comes from POLI - meaning many - and TICKS - meaning blood sucking organisms.  :gigglesnort:

Speaking of comedians, I've been watching reruns of Deal or No Deal.  I'm not sure what it is about that show that's so enthralling.  Part of it is the host, I'm, sure.  I love Howie Mandel, always have.  He was a hilarious stand-up comic.  He was a good actor on St. Elsewhere.  He's pretty good at the game show host thing, too.  Otherwise, it's just people picking cases and making decisions about whether to take the 'deal' or keep on picking cases in order to find out if the million is in their case.  Not much too it, really.  But yeah, enthralling.

I've also been watching Match Game a lot.  And of course, Perry Mason.  Last night's Perry Mason had a gal I see on Match Game a lot.  Too funny.  Oh, and Perry Mason has had Leonard Nimoy on it and DeForest Kelley.  (For people not in the Star Trek know, that's Spock and Bones.)  I wonder if Shatner ever did Perry Mason.  I know he did Match Game.  And I saw Scotty on Hazel the other day.  ROFL.

Okay, I've yattered enough this morning.  Got anything to yatter about?


  1. OMG! Someone needs to write a book: FERAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS. Or something. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    My word of the day today is: psephology [see-fol-uh-jee] noun: the study of elections. Sound it out in your head. See folly, gee. Yes, I laughed because TRUTH! Except I sort of want to cry. I'm embarrassed there was ever a "D" after my name. Moving on...

    Book released. Now I need to hit my stride in the next one. I have to have it written, edited, and turned in by November 30. Yikes! 🐱‍💻 (in case you can't see it, that's Ninja Cat on a laptop.)

    Some days, there's not enough coffee in the world. Today is one of them. ☕

    We may have to break down and turn on the AC today. Temps going to the upper 80s. The next cold front is supposed to hit overnight and the high tomorrow? 45. Gah! Weather. 😜

    I want to rearrange my office. Which means I'd have to clean it first. Why do I want to rearrange it? So I have a different view out my window. Originally, the TV cabinet had to be where it is because of blank wall space and bed, when this was Only's bedroom. Since the TV no longer needs the cable, I can move it to the opposite wall, move my desk to opposite side of the window and I could see the intersection. Lots of work. I need a nap.

    I did get some graphics done for NIGHT WISH yesterday. That was my play time. Today I should write but I may goof off away from the computer to give my body (and swollen ankles) a break.

    My life is so exciting. 🙄 Happy Thursday. Later, tater.

  2. I love that definition of politics! So true!

    I guess it's a good thing today is dad-sitting day. I'm so sleepy I can hardly sit upright.

    My brother's blood test came back in heart-attack range. He can no longer eat anything with calcium or potassium. And guess what he recently got addicted to: Muscle Milk, which is super high in both. With a little luck, if he gives MM up (and he will, or Mom will nag him to death), his numbers should go down. But right now he's climbing the walls.