Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 43

Blerg.  I'm running late today.  Again.  Anyway...

In writing news, I got all the proofer notes in and input.  Friday, I fixed the last few things and started the formatting.  Then I fell down (figuratively) and didn't get anything else done.  Today.  Today I really need to get ahold of myself and get stuff done.  

In marketing news, I have a sale starting tomorrow for all the genie books - 99c each.  Get all four for less than $4.  I haven't set up any advertising, so this will be all FB posts and stuff.  Fingers crossed.  In a perfect world, I'd have the CU stuff done so I could put links in the backs of all the genies books.  This is not a perfect world.

I had a good reading week last week.  Yay.

I did something active every day. Once again, not active active, but active is active, eh?  Weight: 180 even.

Yesterday, I went a little goofy and started the day making apple-cranberry bread.  Then I made beef stew.  Then I got a wild hair and made homemade drop biscuits to have with the stew.  All that mixing and chopping and stirring... my arms are kinda ouchy today.  On the upside, we have loads of homemade stuffs to eat.

Also, yesterday, I saw a golden-crowned kinglet.  So cute!  They're a winter visitor here and it's nice to see them back again.

A new buck came to the yard yesterday.  One of his ears is flopped over, so he'll be easy to identify in years to come.  Hubs named him Lear.  (Short for Left Ear, but it fits with the kingly names theme this year.)  Arthur is looking well and his face is healing nicely.  Lumpy and the twins are also fine - although one of the twins is getting independent and not always right with mom when she comes to feed.

I think that's it.  I got up late, and the coffee isn't kicking in quite like it should yet.  What was up with you last week?


  1. I slept until almost 8 too. It figures. Just when I get used to things, stupid time change will kick in this coming weekend. 😴

    Yay for birds and bucks. Ha! It I wrote British romcoms, I could use that as a title. 🤣

    My coffee seems a little weak this morning too, even though I made it like normal. ☕

    I'll use Jo and link all the books on Tuesday Treats and Titles. I'll have her "magic up" the recipe. 😉

    I was a slug yesterday. Almost all day in bed. My feet and ankles needed the elevation. 😜

    Full complement of the regular cauldron this week. Shylock, BeeGee, Hi-jinx, Queen Cat and Smudge. All are black but Smudge. He's getting a little braver about coming to the porch as I'm feeding. BeeGee often rubs against my legs and today, he even batted at my hand (and TOUCHED!) as I held it out to him. I can't figure out where the fuzzy non-black kittens QC produces come from. Haven't seen Lucifer of late. He tends to disappear at times. Anyway... 😺

    New week, new book. Gotta get FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE done ASAP. No way am I letting the characters decide to make the book longer than 50K! I'm hoping for about 40K for their story and then a few K of scenes that happen in the first 5 books in the series, since I'm last this time out. 🐱‍💻

    Cold and drizzly here today. Heaters on. Rain in forecast. I need a grocery run but I think I'll wait until tomorrow, even though cold and rainy forecast. I figure most people will stay home and Jake and I can get through Wallyworld fast! 🐶

    Time for more coffee. Have a great week!

  2. Wow, you're really in a cooking mood! I'm afraid I've been in "open can and heat" mode.

    Waving HI to Arthur and Lear.

    I got a little more work done this week, but next week will be a bust -- for a good reason. Two wholesale orders came in over the past two days! Yay! I'll be folding patterns like a mad fiend for a while. :-D