Thursday, October 1, 2020

Thursday This n That

 I'm in the process of scouring Cinder Ugly for flaws, problems, typos, boo-boos, etc.  It ain't pretty.  This is the part where I read and make notes, then as I get a page of notes, I come in here to fix them.  One page of notes yesterday fixed three pages of manuscript.  Of course, the top third of the notes was all in the beginning paragraphs, so I'm hoping it won't be a 1:3 ratio across the board or I'm going to need another notebook.

Yesterday on Outside the Box, I talked about finding the right time to edit and that first thing in the morning is bad for me.  First thing yesterday, the beginning of CU looked horrible.  By the time I sat down to actually edit, it wasn't bad and only needed some tweaks to make it right.  We'll see what the proofers think of it.

Speaking of editing, I'm using my old Kindle for this pass. It gives me a different perspective.  Of course, I keep tapping the screen to change the pages, which isn't how this one works.  I have to press the little button.  Eh, it keeps me on my toes and reminds me that I'm reading to edit and not for pleasure.

Eagle watch is underway.  The baldies should be arriving soon, so every big, dark bird in the sky needs to be carefully looked at to see if it's an eagle or just a vulture.  They sometimes fly together, so it's hard to tell who's who.  Gotta look for the white head and tail.  Unfortunately, bald eagles don't get their white feathers for like the first three years of their adulthood.  Then you have to judge by the way they fly and the tips of their wings.

Gah, I just lit the wrong end of my cigarette.  Nasty.  That's what I get for setting it down and then not looking when I picked it back up.  

If you ever watched FRIENDS, there's an episode where Chandler has to teach Joey (the actor) how to smoke so he looks believable as a smoker for a part.  Chandler says something like "Don't think of it as a cigarette.  Thank of it as the thing that has been missing from your hand."  And then he takes a puff and such bliss comes over his face.  Ahhh, good times.

We had a buck come into the yard the other day.  I got some really great shots of him.  Unfortunately for you, we decided years ago that I wouldn't post picks of the bucks online.  Not that I really think any of you could find me, but no one needs to know where the bucks are.  Think of it as my own witness protection program.  An Antlered Protection Program if you will.  

I made a cheater cake yesterday.  Box mix and tub frosting.  Sometimes a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.  The point is I have cake!  

Okay, that's about enough out of me today.  Got anything on your this-n-that list today?


  1. It's Thursday. How did that happen? You've been busy. Yay for baldies! Hope they arrive soon. APP! 🤣 I bet the game wardens would get a kick out of that but yay for protecting the bucks. I'd think, considering the number of houses, that hunting wouldn't be a thing but there are stupid people everywhere. I want cake now.

    Haven't seen Smudge since losing Smidgen and Smudge being scared up the pine tree. I was hoping he'd eventually come back because my house is where the food is.

    Speaking of cats, I'm about to give up on gushy food for Loki. I've tried different brands and different flavors and every time I think I've found one he likes, the next day, he turns up his nose. Guess I shouldn't quibble because he likes just kibble.

    I thought I had a timeline oops figured out. Turns out I just made it worse so back to the drawing board. I may have to work on two books at once. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Won't be the first time.

    My Cards beat the Padres yesterday! They're still in the race. Woohoo! Game 2 today. 🤞

    I need to iron today. And put away the laundry I did...Monday? I don't know why I fold stuff into the basket but then don't follow through and actually bring the basket in from the garage (W/D in garage) and put the stuff up. I'm weird that way.

    There's not much else going on in my world. Just words, baseball, and laundry. Could be worse. LOL

    Time to move on. Later, tater. 🥰

  2. I went dad-sitting today. Then I read half a book. And I can't think of ANYTHING else.

    My life is sooo boring. But that's good, right? ;-)

  3. Apparently yesterday, Blogger decided it wasn't going to email me comments for moderation, so I didn't see that either of you commented until just now. Sorry about that, ladies.