Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 42

Week 42... know what that means?  Only 10 weeks left of 2020.  Of course, that doesn't mean doodle if we don't all work to make next year better than this year.  It'll be all 2021... Son of 2020.  And who wants that?


Last Sunday, I finished the edit round I was working on and sent CU off to proofers.  Then I did pretty much nothing writerly for several days.  I finally did muster some will and set up a sale for the genie books for the last week of October.  And I worked on the blurb.  Thanks for the help, you know who you are.  Here's the final version:

This could get ugly.

After a curse turned supermodel Jeni Braxxon into a gal so gruesome she'd freak out Quasimodo, she's sure her craptastic life couldn't get any worse. Her modeling career is toast, she's being evicted, and everyone she gives a damn about has either left or been taken away, but she ain't seen nothin' yet.

The Society for Sorcerous Activity has plans to snatch her birthright, brainwash her nieces and nephews, and force her into bankruptcy. Oh, and there's a lunatic sorcerer bent on world domination running amok.

But Jeni won't take any of this lying down. Not for long anyway. She needs to kick some ass, rescue the kids, and save the world. Big tasks for a vapid, superficial gal who's always gotten by on her looks. It's time for everyone, including Jeni, to realize there's more to her than meets the eye.

Once I get this puppy out into the world, I don't know what I'll be tackling next.  I've been pondering several different stories, but nothing's blowing my skirt up yet.

In other news, I had a pretty good reading week.  

On the activity front, I did something active every day.  Not majorly active, but I'm counting it all.  Let's not talk about weight.  I never should've bought those Hostess breakfast rolls.  Ugh.  So yummy.  So 'straight to my belly fat'.  Evil.

Hubs reports that Arthur's face is looking good.  (Hubs uses the binoculars to get a good look.)  The gnarly dead skin has sloughed off entirely and the wound beneath is healing nicely.  Also, one of LJ's twins is definitely a buck fawn and his little antler buttons are so cute.  The other is definitely a doe fawn - no buttons.  

No baking this week.  We still have plenty of zucchini bread and granola bars, but Hubs ate the last cookie yesterday, so I'd better get crackin' today.

Nothing else of major note going on around here.  What's up in your worlds?


  1. I did some writerly stuff. Then sort of stalled, then started up again. With luck, despite a family deal (Only is joining the church that sponsors the private school Stormy attends [$$ break for members] this morning and we'll probably follow that with lunch somewhere. Then back here for more edits. Happily, the story is flowing more smoothly than I anticipated and not hugely glaring continuity issues, though I do have notes on my white board to double check. It should release before Halloween. Yay, but I should have finished it by now. Stupid headspace.

    Anway, I did some more trimming and hauling to the curb so I was a little active.

    Cats are mostly present and accounted for. Haven't seen Lucifer lately, but Sunshine (a housecat that lives down the street and comes up here for breakfast when he gets out) showed up this morning.

    Speaking of cats, I woke up to Loki on the pillow next to me, staring. It was weird and a bit gratifying as he doesn't normally sleep or get that close. Got me up and moving.

    Jake is settling--finally--after his close encounter with the awful "foster" people. He's still a bit needy about pets and snuggling.

    And...I'm reaching now. Wow. Tomorrow's update on the Wild Side is going to be short and boring. LOLOL Okay, gotta go shower, get LG up, get ready and maybe get some pages in before we have to leave. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Later, tater! 🥰

  2. Hooray for Cinder Ugly!

    I'm glad Arthur's face is healing up.

    I didn't get a lot of work done this week (too much dad-sitting) but I read a really good book. That makes up for an otherwise dull week! :-D