Friday, October 30, 2020

Mental Meandering

 I'm brainfried this morning.  So let's do some mental meandering... or more this n that, if you will...

Yesterday at about 3:30 in the afternoon, the phone started blowing up with phone calls.  Nearly all of them leaving a message on my answering machine about a breach of my iCloud account and telling me I needed to talk to an Apple advisor.  And if I didn't want to press 1, then I could certainly call them at their toll-free number (315)232-8257.  1) I don't have an iCloud acct.  2) No Apple devices in this house.  3) 315 isn't toll-free.  It's an area code in NY state.  All the calls came from different 'local' numbers, so no exactly blockable.  I did some internet research and discovered this is an old scam.  And apparently the only way I can stop it is to order some blocking thing through my phone company.  We turned the ringer off.  From between 3:30 and 5, then again between 8 and 9p, we easily got 20 calls.  Add in the calls we're getting from what I assume are pollsters and telemarketers and Medicare enrollment hucksters, and it's a noisy house here.  Ring ring ring ring.... answering machine picks up and I get to hear my lovely voice telling people what number they've reached and to please leave a message... followed by the message if there is one or the dial tone if they've hung up.  Yay.  Not.

By the way, I've shifted most of my internet searching to Duck Duck Go.  They're okay.  A little slower than the behemoth G.  But they work for basic internet searches.  I still use the G every rare once in a while, when I need to know things like definitions because G puts them right there at the top.

I'm about this close >< to staying away from social media until after the election.  Unfortunately, I'm working a sale right now for which I'm using FB as my main advertising outlet.  

People really have gone batshit crazy lately.  I can think of several politicians who should've already been brought up on charges of sedition and treason.  Then again, it seems like there are lot of crimes these days for which no one is punished.  =o\

I'm old school, what can I say?  

Goodness this coffee tastes yummy this morning.  Hubs made it.  Not sure why the coffee tastes better when he makes it, but it often does.  It's not like we're using different coffee or more/less than the other person.  

I haven't moved my car in over a week.  I should probably do that so it stays in good running shape.  I know when my mom doesn't run her car often enough, the battery goes squonky on her.  

I tried the Salonpas patch thing on my shoulder yesterday.  It worked pretty good, except it left a red rectangle, which, according to the package, means I should stop using it.  "If redness occurs..." that sort of thing.  I think it's the adhesive.  I have a problem with adhesives on my skin.  The Blue Emu isn't working nearly as well as I had hoped.  Back to Aspercreme.  I mean, you'd think that something that costs as much as Blue Emu would work better than something that costs like $5.  If I'm paying four times more, it should work four times better.  Right?

I could yatter more.  Apparently being brainfried does not equal having nothing to say.  But I'll let you get back to your regularly scheduled lives.  Have a great day.

And feel free to drop some meanderings of your own in the comments.


  1. Getting too many weird calls here, too. All numbers except Mom's go the the answering machine, and they rarely leave a message. But honestly, Mom calls more often than the scammers, and about the weirdest things: Ex, she hung up on a scammer. Good for you, Mom. Sigh.

    My arthritis is reallllly acting up today. Time to pull out the Aspercreme.

    I need to remember to switch to Duck Duck Go. I've been meaning to, but... memory is worse than a sieve.

    Wishing you a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you need to go drop a hook in the water and tease some fish. Just sayin'... And yeah, totally with you on the political stuff.

    Not much new here. LG has taken to answering the spam calls. He played a Russian the other day. Then a Jewish grandfather. And a cartel drug dude. He's pretty good at accents, acting, and not "speaking English." They still call but he's entertained. Oh, he told one of the pollsters, in that Russian accent, that hew as voting for Biden because "he is good agent of Mother Russia and best friends with Comrade Putin." Yes, I spit out coffee.

    Had a discussion with a friend over the Electoral College. She thought it should be eliminated. I finally pulled up a map and showed her how the country voted in the last election. She was gobsmacked. Of course she's a LISA (Lost In Space Again) so I wasn't surprised she was surprised.

    Next week is going to be chaotic zoo. We plan on keeping our heads down and our powder dry.

    I should be writing 3K words a day to get JUSTICE finished with time to edit and proof. Luckily, I don't have to format. It's doable if I just BICHOK and turn off the internet.

    Okay. Speaking of, time to get of the net and get to work. After I "see a man about a dog" and get a fresh cup of coffee so I can see that same man in about 30 minutes. I love coffee but for all the trips "out back."

    Have a great weekend! 🥰