Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 46

Hello again.  It wasn't the busiest of weeks because Thanksgiving dropped right there in the middle of it, but let's see what else went on this week...

I only did editing on 4 days, but I managed to get through 6 pages of notes.  I'm through page 191 of the 342pg manuscript.  And last night the edits pushed the word count over 100K.  :shrug:  It's a big book.  It's an intricate book.  It may be the death of me.  

As for reading, that was just one book.  And it wasn't anything to really talk about.  Bummer.

In baking news, I did a pumpkin cheesecake on Wednesday.  Then threw some rolls in the oven on Thursday night so we could have tiny turkey sammies.  Yesterday, I made no-bake cookies.  Yum.

On the activity front, I really only did two days of burning the calories and both of those were raking.  We're still not done, but the yard looks way nicer than it did.  One other day, Hubs and I wandered the yard.  And another day, we started working on the south property boundary, which really only consisted of standing there, holding a string.  But hey, it got me out of the house.  I weighed myself Thursday morning and it was 180.4.  I haven't weighed myself since but I feel like a cow after all I've eaten.  

I spent a fair amount of time this past week working on a project for the pay-job.  They're looking for a new outside sales person.  And the boss is reconfiguring the sales territories, so he asked if we could pull together numbers for the new territory.  Which is basically my old territory minus the Thumb.  For my part, I needed to go through every spreadsheet I've done (I don't do spreadsheets for everything) for a year and pull sales numbers for all the zip codes included the replotted area.  Minus a list of specific accounts.  And one account that will be split between the two salespeople.  I got it done yesterday.  Go me.  I'll take today off of that and then tomorrow see if I can help the office with their portion.  By the way, if you know anybody who is interested in an outside sales job in Michigan and has some background in electronics or electrical or engineering, let me know.  I don't expect anyone to respond to me.  But they do have an Indeed listing, so maybe they'll find someone good.  :fingers crossed:

The raking is totally freaking the deer out again this year.  They come into the yard and things looks different, so they spook easily.  They'll get over it.  One of the bucks is limping on a front foot.  Another is limping on the back.  The rut isn't kind.  It's brutal.  But it's nature.  Still haven't seen an eagle yet.  I'll let you know when I do.  Shouldn't be long now.

Oh, we finally got a new coffee maker.  Our old one wasn't dead, but it was iffy.  This is a cheap one from Dollar General.  But it works.  As long as I have coffee the world is safe for another day.  

This week ahead, I'll try and finish the edit notes.  Then I'll do another re-read and start a whole new batch of notes.  Woohoo.  I've also got to start thinking about Christmas cards and getting the tree up.  I'm so not ready to think about Christmas, though.  Blerg.  There will also be more raking and we'll get back to working on firewood again.  

And that's about it for me.  How did your week go?  Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?  We didn't do anything but eat, but it was nice.  What's ahead for you?


  1. You had a busy week despite what you think! WTG on the edits and the yardly stuffs. Good food, good company.

    Thanksgiving Day was...yeah. Food was...not the usual. Whatever. Also, no real leftovers. Good thing I'd picked up a little 3 lb. turkey breast roast and I fixed it Friday so we could have sammichaes. Yummers. The few pieces of the pecan pie we brought home are now gone.

    There was college football. OMGWTFBBQ!!! What a day Rivalry Saturday was! I'm very curious how the rankings will shake out today and Tuesday. I hate to admit it but I fell asleep before the real OSU came back to beat OU. And I would have lost money on my bet of "under" on the total points. Ah well.

    Writing. I've been doing some. I've never "lost" a NaNoWriMo in all the years I've participated. I have to write at least 2200 words a day between now and midnight on Nov. 30th to hit 50K. I got this. Maybe. I did almost 2600 words done yesterday so I caught up quite a bit. Yay.

    Not much else going one. My desk lamp is giving off odd and occasional flickers. I may have to wriggle under my desk to check the electrical connection. Boone, bless his old heart, keeps getting under there. *heavy sigh* 😔

    Not much else going on. Book listening was slow because...writing new word panic. Can't listen and write at the same time. 🙄

    On that note, the sky is turning gray, I'm almost done with my second cup of coffee and the dogs have decided they want back in.

    Here's to a quiet Sunday and a good week ahead! 🥰

  2. I survived Thanksgiving. Still sleepy, though. Maybe it's the weather changing.

    UPS has lost my house again. Sigh. It used to be only FedEx couldn't find me, but since my UPS driver retired, I have to call for every other package. And of course, the books I order through Kindle all come through UPS. Oh, please use snail mail, Amazon!

    I got more work done on the book than usual. Yay! And I sorta accidentally bought a 1835 fashion book on eBay. I never dreamed I'd get it for only $26! Stilllllll in shock!