Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sunday Update - OMG, What Week IS it?

 I have lost track of the weeks again.  Oh, I could go look it up.  I could even just count backward from the end of the year and junk.  Right now?  Nope.  I need a coffee IV.

What did I do last week?  Oh yeah...

I'm still not writing new words, but I did make some small progress with the edit notes.  I've gotten 8 pages of notes input now and that's brought me to pg49 in the manuscript.  Go me.  If you knew the mental hurdles and roadblocks I'm trying to jump, you'd see this is a bigger thing than it looks like.  I need to just put my head down and soldier through.  First I need to be in a place where I can put my head down and soldier through, though.  

I thought about marketing.  Really, I did.  And I learned that Amazon does not let you do any Kindle Countdown Deals or freebies 30 days before a book drops out of Kindle Select and the book has to be in Kindle Select for 2 weeks after the KCD or free offer.  Or some such nonsense.  Except this morning, when I went to check my facts, they're now saying I could possibly put Unequal into one or the other and it's drop date is 11/29, so what do I know?  A friend told me she clicked the box to take a book out and when she went back, they'd put it back in.  Unequal is still showing as deselected, so I'm not sure what's going on there.  Anyway, I'm not doing it.  If you want one of my books, pay full price.  None of them are really that expensive - between $2.99 and $4.99.  You can get the four-book Once Upon a Djinn series for just under $16.  Which is less than one hardcover of most other books these days.  :shrug:

In reading news, well, I didn't finish any books before my Saturday Reading Wrap-up, but I did some other stuff that made a reading wrap-up worth perusing.  

On the baking front, I did a batch of granola bars and yesterday, I made scalloped potatoes with ham.  I also put cheese and bacon bits in it.  Hubs was pleased.  I was content.  I think it needed more of something tasty, but I'm rarely 100% pleased with my own cooking.

We spent some time in the woods this week, but not as much as I wanted.  It was too warm for really getting into the woods until yesterday.  And we sawed through all the wood we'd already gleaned, so we had to wait.  Yesterday, we spent a good hour dragging timber up the hill and then another hour sawing.  We only really got through a 3" diameter piece, part of another, and most of an 8-9" piece of oak.  That last sucker was a bear.  It needs one more cut and it'll be done, but we were tired and left it to today.  The other piece was a wood we'd never cut through before, so we set it aside to do some more research.  It's pretty dark pink inside, but it is definitely not cedar.  I'm guessing black cherry.  We'll see.  It's definitely not firewood.  We may find a way to make flooring with it. We'll see.  Weight: 180.4 - mine, not the wood. (Not sure where the pound and half went, but yay for it going.)

Did the Wallyworld thing.  I'm down to only going once a month, so it's a big deal now.  Anyway, I picked up the turkey for Thanksgiving.  I got a Honeysuckle White for 87c a pound.  Yay.  Unfortunately, the smallest one they had was over 14lbs.  We'll be eating turkey for a while after TGD.

Got an unexpected wrinkle this week which, oddly enough, set me to working on edit notes - just to give my brain something else to think about for a while.  It helped while I was doing it.  Too bad I can't work on edit notes while I'm trying to sleep because my brain went after the wrinkle with a vengeance that night.  Still not a thing I can do about it, but the ol' brain doesn't bother with that.  It just climbs on the hamster wheel and runs.  It would've also helped if I could've gone into the woods, but it was close to dark when it occurred and then the next morning it rained and by afternoon it was windy.  Blerg.

I also really need to go fishing, but the weather's been a turd for that.  If it's not raining and cold, it's windy.  Nerts.

Okay, well, that's enough out of me for today.  I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting.  If you want an update on something that's not here, ask.  I'll most likely answer you.  

How was your week?


  1. Hugs on the head space and wrinkles. I know theres a lot going on behind the scenes of your life. I'm here for whatever I can do to help. 🤗

    Next week is supposed to be down and up temperature-wise here, so maybe there will be a day for fishing. 🎣

    Amazon. Go figure. 🙄

    Scalloped potatoes and ham. I'm with you on the cheese and bacon bits. Also consider sour cream and possibly chives. Sort of a loaded baked-potato scallop with ham. 🥔

    My week? Not much happened. Well, stuff did but whatever. LOL I did finish revising, editing, and proofreading MONTANA MOON. It's back up on Amazon and slowly going up other places. I also got MOON SHOT updated re: backmatter and now it's wide. That's something. Writing is still slow with few new words but few is better than nothing. 📚

    Reading/listening isn't pushing any new boundaries as I need to be in a comfort zone currently. Marathon relisten of Jayne Castle's Ghost Hunter/Harmony series. The newest book drops Tuesday but I won't be done with the previous books yet, so something to look forward to. 🎣

    Body rhythms are still screwed up thanks to whatever the hell time deal we're in. I no longer know if it's Daylight Savings Time or Standard Time, or whatever. Dear gods, the only Time Lord should be Dr. Who. Let him/her* mess with it and leave the rest of us alone! 😴

    *I stopped watching someting in the middle of David Tennant's tenure. Evidently the current doctor is a she. My favorites were Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston. You know, in case anyone is interested. 🤣

    Have a better week! Later, tater. 🥰

  2. It's Sunday again *already*?!?! This year is going by too fast. Le sigh.

    Hey for editing! I hope your edits-muse steps up to the plate and helps. (Is that making any sense? I'm awfully groggy tonight.)

    I got some work done this week, but not enough to brag about. I need to find an energy pill. And I need to put my sleepy self to bed.

    Wishing you a great week!