Friday, November 26, 2021

The Friday After TGD

First off, let's start by reminding people that 'Black Friday' has nothing to do with race.  It has to do with putting retailers 'in the black' for the year.  Which means showing a profit as opposed to 'in the red' or not making enough money to pay for expenses.  If someone's told you anything different, they're jerking your leash.  Color words can be used for things other than race, doncha know.

I know everyone' talked about how expensive Thanksgiving was going to be.  The meal itself didn't seem any more expensive than it had been.  In fact, by shopping early, I paid less for a turkey this year than last.  I paid more for the pumpkin puree because Wallyworld was out of offbrand and I had to buy name brand.  I paid more for the stuffing for the same reason.  I think the cheaper bird offset the more expensive fixin's.  The gas to get to the store to buy the groceries?  Way more expensive.

A curious thing happened yesterday.  The turkey was done way earlier than it should have been done.  14.5 pounds... 20 minutes per pound at 325F... 4.83 hours.  It was cooked in 3 hours.  Either our oven is running way hot, which is possible but unlikely since the other things I've cooked in the oven haven't cooked any faster than usual.  Or the turkey was smaller than they said it was, which seems unlikely based on the amount of leftovers now nestled in my fridge/freezer  Or there was some kind of timewarp vortex in the oven between the hours of 8 and 11am.  

Anyway, the turkey was tender and moist and cooked through, so that's all that matters.  Of course, we ended up eating dinner shortly after 11am.  Cheesecake was at 2.  Tiny turkey sandwiches occurred at 5.  

We were in bed by 8 last night.  Before that, though, we sat down to watch a movie called Wild America.  We'd seen it before, but that was years ago.  It's about the wildlife film producer, Marty Stouffer, and his brothers when they were younger.  It's a nice movie.  Kind of outlandish in places, but all in all, pretty true to the story of those boys.  If you haven't seen it, give it a whirl.

Yeah, because of impromptu movie night and then early bed, I didn't get any editing done.  Oops.  Maybe today will be a better day for that.

How was your yesterday?


  1. There were 20 people there, a couple of friends of family who I had no clue who they were but whatever. SiL's nieces did two small turkeys, one done in an air fryer and the other some other way. The only leftover turkey was one wing and a leg. So no sandwiches last night. Also, no dressing or sweet potato casserole. There was a kale/broccoli/purple cabbage salad, roasted brussel sprouts, and some sort of small hockey puck baked thing that had little taste and unidentifiable ingredients. My pecan pie and somebody's pumpkin pie were good. As were my rolls. Company was okay. James Gang stayed close together. The grandson on the other side had his hair in a "boybun" but had wavy tendrils and bangs hanging around his face. LG called him "darlin'" after the kid slammed into him, sending him into the wall. He kept the kid from falling and caustioned, "Careful there, darlin'," at which point the kid asserted very loudly, "I'm a boy!" Which made me wonder if he is mistaken for a girl often. No other comment. Poor Stormy stuck close to his parents. SOOOO many loud adults. I know just how he feels. Peopling is soooo dang hard!

    After we got home, I crashed. Slept until 8. Feel back asleep about midnight and was awake at 4 but not tired so the nap helped.

    And yeah, PC needs to take a hike. Just sayin'.

    No writing yesterday. I'm at just under 10K words to go to "win" NaNoWriMo. Still possible if I eek out 2K words a day between now and Sunday.

    One of the books coming off KU/Select did "take" despite me unchecking. I unchecked today early. Both are now off. I just checked. WOLF MOON is ready for upload. I'll get DOUBLE CROSS updated here in a bit. Then on to 2K words on Boston Wolves.

    I might do the turkey roast today for sandwiches tonight.

    Enjoy your non-peopley Black Friday and have a great weekend!

  2. I vote for vortex. :)

    We deep fried our turkey this year. 45 minutes. It had to be the best bird we ever had. It was perfect. I was almost too tired to eat, but I'm glad I did.

    I left the dishes for the fairies to clean, but once again they passed over my house. Off to do dishes. Damn fairies!

  3. Vortex, for the win!

    The five of us met at my sister's house. She is such a good cook! I came home with enough leftovers to feed me for a week. Yum!

    No editing allowed on TGD. And only on Black Friday if you get into the mood! :-)