Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thursday This n That

First thing this morning, I read an inspiring story about a guy who did some amazing things in WWII.  Joseph Beyrle.  They need to make a movie about HIM.  Except I fear Hollywood would find a way to mess it up.  Anyway, it's good to start the day with something positive.  

Speaking of positive, my friend-editor was talking on FB about how hard it's been to get and stay motivated.  I said something about how we should try to push each other and maybe invite our mutual friend, too, so we'd be like a triad, but then we'd need special names like superheroes.  So she created a private group for us to do just that.  She's awesome like that.  

Of course, not too long after I joined the group and made my statement about what I'd like to accomplish through the end of the year, I received an email with four spreadsheets to do.  By the time I got those done, I was too pooped to accomplish my daily goal and I said so.  Then she poked me.  I didn't get two pages of edit notes entered, but I did get one done, so the poking was definitely helpful.

Things have been blerg lately, but I'm trying to get positive.  Getting positive isn't easy, but where I'm really falling down is staying positive once I get there.

I saw a funny on FB this morning.  What's the difference between Lebron and Kyle?  When he's under pressure, Kyle makes his shots.  LOL.  Yeah, if you don't think that's funny, can't help ya there.

I have a sink full of dishes that I don't wanna do.  I will, but not just yet.

Hubs and I went fishing yesterday.  It had been a pretty nice day so far, and even though we knew a cold front was coming through, we thought we'd give it a whirl.  On the way, we stopped for nightcrawlers and it was getting cloudy, but still quite nice.  Another five minutes to the lake, parked the car and started to get the stuff out of the backseat when WHOOSH.  Big, cold wind out of the north hit us.  Blew my hat right off.  (I saved it.)  Screw the wind, though, I wanted to fish, so we went to the kinda-sheltered side.  When I took the lid off the worms to get one out, the lid blew into the water and away it went.  My tackle box tipped over and scattered stuff.  I was laughing like an idiot.  Hubs was grinning.  We fished for about an hour and then gave up because we weren't catching anything and the temperature was dropping hard.  Eh, it was still better than an hour sitting here.

My camera battery died.  Not just needing a charge, but dead-dead.  So I put it my backup battery.  It was also dead-dead.  I ordered new batteries that came with a charger all their own, so here's hoping they work and that my camera isn't the problem.  I'd hate that.  I mean, the camera is 11 years old, but come on.  The batteries should be here tomorrow.

In order to make a big enough purchase for free shipping, I also ordered two CDs I've been wanting.  The Fray and The Head and the Heart.  Yes, I still listen to CDs.  I still listen to tapes, too.  =op

And on that note... after dragging myself away from the distraction of watching music videos... I'll let you get on with your day.  Unless you want to take another moment and leave a comment, of course.  


  1. Good lord. And FB didn't censure that funny? And yeah, I got it and I laughed. I'll be sharing that with LG when he gets back from VA.

    Good thing we don't need capes. The cleaners lost mine. I do think there should be a secret handshake though.

    Sorry. LG called and I got distracted. Where was I?

    A bad day of fishing beats a good day doing anything else. According to my dad.

    I have hundreds of CDs. They're in a box somewhere. Same for the DVDs. Except they aren't in a box, they're shelved in the family room. I could propbably pull out 10 and donate the rest. LOL Hrm...Now I'm thinking about that. So...movies I'd keep no matter what...(in no particular order)
    1. Last of the Mohicans (Daniel Day Lewis version)
    2. McLintock
    3. The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain
    4. The Quiet Man
    5. White Christmas
    6. The Dirty Dozen
    7. The Great Escape
    8. Singing in the Rain
    9. Casablanca
    10. Raiders of the Lost Ark

    On that note, after being distracted off and on (mostly on! LOL), I'll quit here and try to think about tippy-typing some new words.

    Later, tater!

  2. Yay for getting out fishing, no matter if all you caught was your hat!

    My camera battery is on its last legs, too. But I use it so rarely I'm going to wait a while to order a new one.

    Mom thinks she has a cold so she didn't go walking with me this morning, but she feels well enough to go bowling. LOL!