Monday, November 15, 2021

Here's a Picture

Since I don't have anything to talk about today, here's a picture:

It's a prothonotary warbler checking out the birdhouse I have hanging on my porch.  This was taken back in July and he didn't stick around.  Many birds have checked out the lodgings, but none have stayed.  Maybe this spring we'll get a bird in residence in there.

In other bird news, the robins are migrating through.  They're singing up a storm while they're here, which is awesome.


  1. Robins has a really cool song and most people don't realize it's a robin! I have an app where I can record bird songs and it identifies the species. This is good when I can't actually see the bird.

    That's a very cool bird. I hope you get new neighbors come spring. I had a Carolina wren nest in a plastic watering can that was on a shelf out back on year. They are noisy little buggers! LOL Two bird houses are empty, I think because wasps built in there once, the wooden one is inhabited by sparrows, as is the big martin house. Ah well. They need homes too, right?

  2. He's a pretty little thing. I hope he comes back.

    I saw a woodpecker this morning with red on the back of his head. NOT a redheaded woodpecker, Mom tells me. Not that I'm worried about his name. I was just thrilled to see him. I don't recall seeing any sort of woodpecker since I left California.